Space Ship Paper Miniatures

By on 26 February 2013

Each of the Space Ship Miniatures are hexagonal fold up tokens that can be given weight by placing say a coin or poker chip in the middle of the fold-up token.

These Space Ship Miniatures are meant for use with our hexagonal Star Map for wargaming.

The Vaztstar Shuttle, Vanguard Shuttle, The Tug, and Basilisk Lander have been given miniaturized external views of those four ship products, allowing them to be placed on the Star Map for space ship wargaming, skirmishes, and chases. Those actual map products can then be used for a close up view for boarding actions and other internal skirmish battles inside the ships possible as a result of the wargame, skirmish, or chase results. In addition, there are ten other ship miniatures including fighters, transports, and capital ships with one fighter soon to be featured on our future Flight Deck map product as well as asteroids and asteroid fields that can be used to add some hazards and obstacles to the map.

  • Page 1: Six copies of a large two-wing, heavily armed star fighter having a large, wide wingspan and a hammerhead-like front.
  • Page 2: Six copies of the Vaztstar Shuttle.
  • Page 3: Six copies of a red ship with a black hand-like symbol.
  • Page 4: Six copies of a medium two-wing, laser-armed star fighter soon to be featured in our future Flight Deck map.
  • Page 5: Six copies of a light two-wing, missile-armed star fighter suitable as a scout ship.
  • Page 6: Six copies of the Vanguard Shuttle with one of its three compartment pods attached.
  • Page 7: Six copies of the Basilisk Lander.
  • Page 8: Six copies of an extremely large, wide-winged heavy fighter or destroyer.
  • Page 9: Six copies of a blue capital ship suitable as a cruiser or light battleship.
  • Page 10: Six copies of old, rusted cargo transport ships.
  • Page 11: Six copies of the Tug.
  • Page 12: Six copies of a pirate ship. One half cargo ship and one half guns patched into it that were stolen from other ships.
  • Page 13: Six copies of a large three seat fighter. If the main pilot dies, one of the two copilots immediately takes over.
  • Page 14: Five copies of large asteroids and a ghost ship that uses a similar profile to an asteroid to surprise other ships.
  • Page 15: Six copies of asteroid fields

Space Ship Paper Miniatures

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