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By on 25 August 2012

Star MapGame Masters need quality maps for their miniatures. DramaScape™ is committed to bringing Game Masters the maps they need.

This product includes three 48 x 30 inch starmaps with a hex overlay. The first starmap has been left blank of foreground objects. The brilliant background includes multiple stars and colorful nebulas. The second starmap includes a massive planet on the right side of the map. A huge continent can be seen on the light side of the planet with a land corridor leading away towards the dark side of the planet. The third starmap has a large space station on the left side of the map.

These star maps can be used in a variety of space combat miniatures simulations everything from space ships to armored mechanized suits. The first is an easy, empty star map, perfect for learning the game. Making the first starmap more difficult is rather easy. You can make the nebulas places to hide for example, or perhaps ships malfunction and lose some important systems in the nebulas. The second starmap is perfect for a planetary defense battle. You have an invading armada to the left and planetary defenders to the right including laser attack satellites in orbit and possibly missile silo land defenses on the planet’s surface. The third starmap is excellent for a space station defense battle. Have the attacker’s fleet enter from the right. The defender’s fleet orbits the space station. The space station likely has defenses of its own to account for as well such as missile defenses or laser cannons.

Another suggestion is an extremely large starmap. You could place the space station on the left, the plain starmap in the middle, and the planet on the right. In this scenario, you can have the first fleet begin at the space station and the second one at the planet. Perhaps even a third force in the middle map for a truly epic large-scale space battle.

The first star map could also be used as a star chart for a multitude of science fiction space role playing games.

This Product also include the files for VTT.

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