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By on 19 October 2017
Symbaroum - Monster Codex Symbaroum

You might’ve heard a lot about the Scandi-dark-fantasy game Symbaroum? Dark and brooding forests, howling Rage Trolls and the corrupting taint of magic… Oh, and all that gorgeous artwork that catches the eye and captures the mind. Simple d20 roll-under system with sort-of classes and a promise of 7-part campaign across hardback books filled with setting information and more of that art.

But, up to now you haven’t committed.

Well, don’t tarry further, as Symbaroum has returned to Kickstarter with the Monster Codex – a volume of creatures fair and foul, living and dead. More of that art, too. Expanding the range of possible encounters, littered with locations and adventure hooks. And, you can pledge at a level that gives you the Core Book, which includes both player and GM info, plus 70-pages of setting and an adventure at the end of the book.

With the Core Book and the Monster Codex, you’ll have plenty to keep your players busy — between the monolithic slabs of the multi-year campaign arc. And… stretch goals, of course. Adventure locations, more monsters, monster cards… and a special edition exclusive All Rolled Up dice tray features artwork from the Codex itself.

All Rolled Up Symbaroum
It’ll be a bit like this… but not this art!

Symbaroum Monster Codex on Kickstarter until Wednesday 8th November!

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