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By on 1 June 2014

The Theragraphica is the final companion book for the role-playing game Atlantis: The Second Age. The Theragraphica details the adversaries and creatures that stalk the antediluvian world once ruled by the kingdom of Atlantis.

The lavishly illustrated book details creatures of cultural myths from around the world, each keyed to a distinct region to help immerse the players in the world of ATLANTIS. With the Theragraphica, no longer will the heroes battle generic monsters with no cultural grounding.

Why Should I be interested in the Theragraphica?

The Theragraphica is the book of beasts, opponents, and supernatural adversaries of the world of Atlantis. With over 150 creatures inside the book, Monsters abound for the enterprising Game Master, for the intrepid players’ experience. The Theragraphica is an ambitious attempt to root the game’s beasts and adversaries in a cultural context, giving them gravity beyond walking treasure drops and experience point bags. Don’t misunderstand, this is still a role-playing game supplement, not a scholarly text; just one that tries to go a little further.

How will this book enhance my ATLANTIS game?

The Theragraphica is the final book in the Atlantis trilogy of core books making an already baroque and inclusive setting into a deeply engrossing world of wonder and horror.
The Theragraphica is a robust addition to any ATLANTIS: the Second Age game. Within the pages are additional rules and a varied assortment of culturally diverse creatures that takes the burden of monster creation off the shoulder of the GM. The lavishly illustrated book also visually enhances the mood of the game by providing evocative illustrations to give the players an idea of what they are up against.

What’s inside the Book?

Culturally relevant beasts: The creatures in the Theragraphica are and keyed to the stories, legends and cultures of the areas from which they originated. No listing in the Theragraphica is a generic monster, but a monster inspired by a myth of a particular culture and region. Monsters of Gondwana are inspired by the myth and folklore of African beliefs, while the adversaries of Europa are plumbed from European and Russian myth.
A Plethora of Pain: Over 150 creatures ranging from the mundane to the wondrous in an easy to understand template format making them easy to modify
You are now Echidna: Become a monster architect using the adversary building system to create almost any creature imaginable.

A sample of the draft text can be found HERE

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