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By on 4 November 2014

New for RuneQuest… Mythic Britain

It is the year 495.

Saxons control Britain’s east. Aelle, Guercha and Cerdic vie for supremacy in the kingdoms of Ceint, Anglia and Mierce. To the west and north the fractious Britons struggle to unite, their previous attempts betrayed by Vortigern and Uther’s personal follies. Now, a new warlord emerges, guided by a druid: Uther’s bastard, Arthur, bearer of Caledfwlch, the sword forged by Gorfannon.

This is the Dark Ages. Blood soaked, treacherous, fraught. The new religion of Christianity bears down on the old pagan ways. New gods invade old lands. New warlords vie for new territories; old ones seek to even older scores. The war horns are sounding. Britain is rallying. Merlin collects the Thirteen Treasures and signals the start of the battle between the Red and White Dragons.

Fetch your spear. Heft your shield. Prepare for war!

Mythic Britain is a 360 page supplement for RuneQuest 6th edition set in Britain’s Dark Ages. Taking a realistic approach to the period it is, nevertheless, a time of myth and magic as cultures clash and old ways are challenged. Play as a Celt or Saxon, spearman or druid, and help forge Britain’s destiny. The book features a detailed setting and a seven scenario campaign involving Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Gawain and many others.

If you like Bernard Cornwell’s Dark Ages tales, Robert Holdstock’s Merlin Codex or even History Channel’s Vikings, this is the RuneQuest supplement you’ve been waiting for.

It is the year Four Hundred and Ninety Five, as the Christian scribes reckon it, since the birth of the infant Jesus Christ…

He is the High Druid of Britain.
Alive when Claudius landed on Britain’s shores.
An advisor to Boudica when she challenged the Romans.
Alive when the Romans massacred the druids at Ynys Mon.
Alive when Vortigern ventured north with mercenaries to destroy the Picts.
Alive when Uther’s bastard was begat by Ygraine.

He lives still. This is his world.

It is made of the breath, scales and bones of the Great Red Dragon. It flows through him, and he is Britain. He has walked with gods and counselled them. The ancestors revere and respect his presence. The Saxons tremble at his name.

He is Merlin.

Fear Him.

Mythic Britain is a complete sourcebook for adventuring in Britain’s Dark Ages using the RuneQuest rules. The book includes an extensive history and background of 5th and 6th Century Britain; details of the different tribes and territories; complete character creation rules for Britons and Saxons, details of magic, the Saints and pagan Gods; and, rules for massed battles. Completing the book, seven linked scenarios form the Mythic Britain Campaign in which the characters travel the length of breadth of the island, serving Merlin and Arthur, fighting the Saxon invaders, searching for the lost Treasures of Britain, and becoming involved in all manner of schemes and intrigues.

Take up your spears. Swear your oaths. Ready your shields.

Welcome to the Dark Ages!

Mythic Britain requires the RuneQuest 6th Edition Rules.

You can buy the print version (and receive the PDF version free) direct from The Design Mechanism.

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