Top Down Armies: Elves V Undead

By on 5 February 2014

“How dare these vile undead profane the sanctity of our sacred woods! Elves defend your ancestral home!”

Top Down Armies Volume Three features two full pages of top down armies, one elves and one undead, as well as a large hex battle map of a forest cut into four quadrants by a road running west to east with a bridge spanning a river running north to south. The figures include footmen and mounted elves and skeletons riding skeletal steeds. The product includes the VTT of the map and the top downs for use as tokens.

Top Down Armies Volume Three is intended for use in fantasy roleplaying games and wargaming. The included map can also be used in any other genre or setting that has access to masonry (the bridge is made of stone that might be out of place in a primitive setting). The print out map only comes with the Hex overlay as it is designed for use with the miniatures.

A wargaming scenario for use with the map:

Defend the Village: In this scenario, the elves are trying to stop the undead from overrunning them and entering the elf village on the other side of the bridge. The undead start with overwhelming numbers but the elves have better knowledge of the area, giving them a tactical advantage to hiding, spotting, and strategic planning. The undead army’s victory condition is getting a single unit to the other side of the map. The elves’ victory condition is to prevent them from getting to the other side in a set number of turns (suggested 6-10). The elves and undead can be set up on opposite sides of the bridge in the west and east (or narrowed down to say northwest and southeast corners or southwest and northeast corners such that they start on equal sides of the map in one corner each). The forest provides a lot of cover, but being out in the open on the road or bridge is a dangerous proposition.

Adventure hook for use with the map:

Safe Passage: The adventurers need to pass through the territory of the elves. The elves may ambush them from concealed positions in the wilderness for trespassing. Or perhaps the undead have overwhelmed the elves and lurk in the woods instead… The forest may also be contested between the elves and the undead. The elves promise the adventurers safe passage through their territory for as long as they live if they help them fight off the undead menace.

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