[Triple Ace Games] Hellfrost City Books

By on 9 November 2016
[Triple Ace Games] Hellfrost City Books Triple Ace Games

With delivery to Kickstarter backers complete, the five Hellfrost City Books from Triple Ace Games are now on general sale.

Between them, these volumes detail nine of Hellfrost’s best known towns and cities. Full color maps and dozens of interesting locales per book ensures there is something for every group.

Hellfrost City Book 1: Cities of the Freelands
The of the Freelands settlements bow to no master but their own. Inhabited by hardy folk used to solving problems without outside assistance, they are bastions of civility are places of sanctuary in a wilderness populated by terrible monsters.

This book details two of the Freelands’ major settlements – the troubled market town of Aslov, rife with crime and famine, and the remote, mountain-hugging community of Spyre.

Hellfrost City Book 2: Cities of Magic
Although located many hundreds of miles apart, the great cities of Imperial City and Kinghsall are bonded by their shared interest in magic.

Home to the Convocation of Elementalists and once heart of the mighty Anari Empire, Imperial City has risen from the ashes and restored itself as a city of trade, arcane study, and political ambition.

Kingshall, meanwhile, is the private residence of the Mage-King, master of the powerful Magocracy. Young heahwisards come here to study the arcane, while their elders play the deadly game of politics.

Hellfrost City Book 3: Cities of the Crystalflow
Trade is the lifeblood of the majestic Crystalfl ow. Along its banks are countless small communities, each trading with the barges that move up and down the waterway. As prosperous as these communities might be, both are humbled before the mercantile might of Bridgewater and Drakeport.

Allied and yet also rivals, these two proud cities are trading powerhouses, handling goods from across Rassilon. Where there is great wealth there is great power, but also crime and intrigue.

Hellfrost City Book 4: Cities of Royalty
New Asper, risen from the devastation of the Golem Uprising, is a bustling modern yet one well aware of its past. It is also a city ruled by an incompetent master. While he dines and hunts, political enemies sharpen their tongues, and their blades.

A visit to Ravensburg is to step back in time. Home to the Heah Cyning of the Marklands, Ravensburg is a city caught in time, its people reluctant to embrace new ideas. It is also the center of royal politics, where the great jarls and kings gather to discuss the future of the Hearthlands.

Hellfrost City Book 5: Freetown, City of Crime
A canker. A blight. A plague. A city of thieves and murderers. Freetown has been called many names and they are well-deserved. Home to countless pirates, smugglers, murderers, and worse, Freetown is ruled by the tyrannical Lord Blackhand. Within its winding streets visitors can find anything they desire, so long as they have the funds to pay for it. But be wary, for the vile inhabitants would slit a man’s throat without hesitation for a handful of coins.

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