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By on 25 January 2016
[Triple Ace Games] Hellfrost City Guides Triple Ace Games


From crumbling castles to musty tombs and overgrown forests to mystical places, there are many hundreds of places to explore in Hellfrost. There are also cities and towns, urban sprawls where the best and worst of the civilized races live side by side, if not always in harmony. Although often seen as places to visit only to buy and sell equipment or pick up rumors, they can be sites not only for entire adventures, but whole campaigns. Triple Ace Games is proud to present nine of Hellfrost’stowns and cities in greater detail than ever before!

This project is to fund FIVE city books:

City Book 1: Cities of the Freelands (covers Aslov & Spyre)
City Book 2: Cities of Magic (covers Imperial City & Kingshall)
City Book 3: Cities of the Crystalflow (covers Bridgewater & Drakeport)
City Book 4: Cities of Royalty (covers New Asper & Royalmark)
City Book 5: Cities of Crime (covers Freetown & includes extensive notes on thieves’ guilds)

Each book has the following format: 32 pages, softcover, saddle-stitched, premium color cover and interior, 8.5″ x 11″.

Every city has a glorious color map marked with locations of interest. Each of these locations, and there are over 300 in total, receives a write-up. Unlabeled copies of the maps will be available from our website after the books are released, so you can print out copies to hand to your players without giving away the location of every site.

Each book follows the same basic format as our earlier Region Guides and their replacement, the Hellfrost Atlas. Every settlement has expanded information covering its history, social hierarchy, government, education, religion, military, trade and tribute, and architecture. You’ll also find the rising and setting times of the sun for the first day of each month.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter page and secure your city books!

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