[Triple Ace Games] Heroes & Villains III: Citizens of Al-Shirkuh

By on 21 November 2016
[Triple Ace Games] Heroes & Villains III: Citizens of Al-Shirkuh Triple Ace Games

Al-Shirkuh has its share of warriors and wise men, clerics and sorcerers, healers and harmers, peasants and nobles, commanders and cowards, and merchants and rogues. This is a land where men and women can choose to walk beside the gods or follow their own path to enlightenment, converse with mighty and capricious jinn or damn them to oblivion, live with the desert or tolerate its presence.

Most have no great destiny. They are born, grow old, and die without ever seeing the many wonders or facing the endless perils the desert has to offer. This is all they will ever know, and in that they are content. Others, though, strive for greatness. Their names may be unknown to storytellers and sages for now, but there will come a time when their deeds will be counted among those of the heroes of old.

The Heroes & Villains 3: Citizens of Al-Shirkuh supplement contains 50 characters, both villainous and heroic, ready to be dropped into any Hellfrost: Land of Fire or Arabian Nights-style game or used as player characters.

To make life easy for the reader, each character’s statistics, background, description, mannerisms, and image fits on a single page.

Reserve your PDF or print copy of Heroes & Villains 3 via our IndieGoGo project and receive it in December. General release is anticipated for February 2017.

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