1 December 2008

By on 13 December 2008

Dragon Warriors Bestiary (Dragon Warriors Supplement)
Mongoose Publishing

Supplement 2: Traders & Gunboats (Traveller Supplement)
Mongoose Publishing

Big Book of Bots (Paranoia XP Sourcebook)
Mongoose Publishing

Khitai (Conan Sourcebook)
Mongoose Publishing

Captain’s Log 38 (Star Fleet Battles Supplement)
Amarillo Design Bureau

Mechagenesis (True20 Supplement)
Reality Blurs

Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works (Castles & Crusades Box Set)
Troll Lord Games

Forgotten Heroes: Fang, Fist & Song (Dungeons & Dragons 4E GSL Supplement)
Goodman Games

Dungeon Crawl 56: Scions of Punjar (D&D 4E GSL Adventure; 4th Level)
Goodman Games

Monsterpocalypse Rise Map Pack (Monsterpocalypse Supplement)*
Privateer Press

Hedgerow Hell; Battle Map Series Vol. 1 (Memoir ’44 Expansion)
Days of Wonder

Red November (Board Game; 3-8 Players; Ages 12+)
Fantasy Flight Games

Silent But Deadly Night (Card Game; 2-6 Players; Ages 10+)
Z-Man Games

Texas Glory (Wargame)
Columbia Games

Ivan’s War ASL Comp (ASL Scenarios)
Critical Hit

ATS Stalingrad 2nd Edition (ATS Wargame)
Critical Hit

Pointe du Hoc Gamers Guide 2nd Edition (Pointe du Hoc Supplement)
Critical Hit

Pointe du Hoc 2nd Edition Upgrade Kit (Pointe du Hoc Supplement)
Critical Hit

Field Commander: Rommel (Wargame) *restock*
Dan Verssen

Federation Commander Squadron Box 22 *Federation Commander*
Federation Commander Squadron Box 23 *Federation Commander*
Federation Commander Squadron Box 24 *Federation Commander*
Amarillo Design Bureau

PIP31060 Cygnar Squire Warcaster Attachment *Warmachine*
PIP32060 Menoth Allegiant of the Order of the First Solo *Warmachine*
PIP34063 Cryx Revenant Cannon Crew *Warmachine*
PIP72040 Circle Orboros War Wolf Solo *Hordes*
PIP73039 Legion Strider Deathstalker Solo *Hordes*
Privateer Press

23920 CLAU Team Actions (Urban War Rules Supplement)
13146 Urban Interdict *Urban War*
13151 Land-Pilot (Female) *Urban War*
13436 Saburai (Female) *Urban War*
13516 Reaper Hybrids (2 Figures) *Urban War*
13641 Praetorian Decurion *Urban War*
13644 Loricatus (Female) *Urban War*
13717 Black Legion Serg *Urban War*
13721 Red Guard *Urban War*
13732 Mechsoldat (Female) *Urban War*
Urban Mammoth

Knights of the Dinner Table 145 (Comic)
Kenzer & Co

Scrye Magazine 128 (CCG Magazine)

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