1 September 2008

By on 4 September 2008

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (OGL) Beta Release (Core Rulebook)

Desolation RPG (Core Rulebook; Hardcover)
Greymalkin Designs

Delta Green: Eyes Only (Delta Green Call of Cthulhu Supplement; Softcover)
Pagan Publishing

Wild Cards (Mutants & Masterminds Setting; Hardcover)
Green Ronin

Book of Glorious Divinity II (Exalted Sourcebook)
White Wolf

Book 0: Introduction to Traveller (Core Rulebook)
Mongoose Publishing

Trail of Blood (Conan Campaign)
Mongoose Publishing

Chimera Universe RPG (Core Rulebook)
Mongoose Publishing

The Dark Vale (Group or solitaire adventure)
Dark City

Wolves on the Rhine (Group or solitaire adventure)
Dark City

Star Tiles Starter Set (RPG Accessory Pack)
Fat Dragon Games

Tooth, Talon and Pinion: Creatures of Dying Earth (Dying Earth Sourcebook) *restock*
Pelgrane Press

Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia (Cthulhu Fiction)
Elder Sign Press

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Genesis Booster (Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG)
Upper Deck

Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries (Board Game; 2-3 Players)
Days of Wonder

Tomb (Board Game; 2-6 Players; Ages 12+)
Alderac Entertainment

Cluedo Reinvention (Board Game; 3-6 Players)

Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! – Russia 1941-42 (Wargame; 2-4 Players; Ages 10+)
Academy Games

HELR06DE Pleasurer & Demon of Flesh *Hell Dorado*
HELR06EG Estrucilla & Saurav Geet *Hell Dorado*
HELR06ME Gilles de Rais & Helle Moller *Hell Dorado*
HELR06OC Spadassins *Hell Dorado*
HELR06SA Fatina & Jafar Al Efrit (Fire Djinn) *Hell Dorado*

PIP31052 Cygnar Warcaster Captain Jerimiah Kraye *Warmachine*
PIP32049 Protectorate Epic Warcaster Severius *Warmachine*
PIP33054 Khador Warcaster Koldun Komm Alex Zerkova *Warmachine*
PIP34054 Cryx Epic Warcaster Gorseshade the Cursed *Warmachine*
PIP41062 Mercenary Epic Eiryss, Angel of the Retribution *Warmachine*
PIP71033 Trollblood Epic Warlock Madrak Ironhide *Hordes*
PIP72032 Circle Epic Warlock Kaya the Moonhunter & Laris *Hordes*
PIP73032 Epic Warlock Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight *Hordes*
PIP74034 Skorne Epic Warlock Lord Assassin Morghoul *Hordes*
Privateer Press

WGO-002 Spartan Peltast Booster *Wargods of Olympus*
WGO-104 Dieneskes, Spartan Hero *Wargods of Olympus*
WGO-105 Alkaeus, Spartan Hero *Wargods of Olympus*
WGO-106 Theophon, Spartan Hero *Wargods of Olympus*
WGO-302 Spartan Peltast Unit (10) *Wargods of Olympus*
WGO-502 Spartan Chariot *Wargods of Olympus*
Crocodile Games

UBX13 M12 155mm GMC Field Artillery Battery *Flames of War*
UBX03 Rifle Company *Flames of War*
US735 Mortar Platoon *Flames of War*
US736 Engineer Platoon *Flames of War*
GPS01 German Infantry Paint Set *Flames of War*
QPS02 Utility Paint Set *Flames of War*
US950 Pipercub Ob’s Plane *Flames of War*
GE815 SS-Mortar Platoon *Flames of War*

B-SOTR10 British HMG Team (3 Crew, 1 Gun) *Secrets of the Third Reich*
US-SOTR10 US HMG Team (3 Crew, 1 Gun) *Secrets of the Third Reich*
G-SOTR32 German HMG Team (4 Crew, 1 Gun) *Secrets of the Third Reich*
SV-SOTR3 Soviet Command (4) *Secrets of the Third Reich*
SOV-SOTR7 Soviet HMG Team (3 Crew, 1 Gun) *Secrets of the Third Reich*
C-SOTR7 Hammer (Russian Special Character) *Secrets of the Third Reich*
C-SOTR8 Sickle (Russian Special Character) *Secrets of the Third Reich*
C-SOTR9 Liberty (US Special Character) *Secrets of the Third Reich*
C-SOTR10 Wild Bill Donovan (US Special Character) *Secrets of the Third Reich*
West Wind Productions

Operation Bagration (Rules of Engagement Supplement)
Great Escape Games

Among the War Parties: Adventures in the Early Americas (Gloire Supplement)
Rattrap Publications

CST2015 Vayl *Anima Tactics*
CST2016 Veronica *Anima Tactics*
CST2017 Kyler *Anima Tactics*
Cipher Studios

Counter 42 (Board & Card Games Magazine)

Against the Odds 6/3 – Guerra Muerte (Wargame + Magazine)
Clash of Arms

Knights of the Dinner Table 142 (Comic)
Kenzer & Co

White Dwarf Magazine 345
Games Workshop

Scrye 125 (CCG Magazine)

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