10 February 2014

By on 9 February 2014

The below should be hitting UK stores this week. For further information please contact your usual stockists:


RuneQuest 6th Edition Hardcover
The Design Mechanism

Fate Freeport Companion
Evil Hat Productions

Sci-Fi Beta Kappa
Indy Hippo. Age rating: 16+

Knights of the Dinner Table Issue 205
Kenzer & Co

Board & Card Games

Firefly Expansion: Breakin’ Atmo
Expansion Set by Gale Force Nine, LLC

Robinson Crusoe: Voyage of the Beagle Expansion
Expansion Set by Portal Games

Concept Boardgame
Party game for 4-12 players, ages 10+, playing time around 40 minutes by Repos Production/Asmodee

Wiz-War: Malefic Curses
Expansion Set by Fantasy Flight Games

Call of Cthulhu LCG: Denizens of the Underworld
Expansion Set by Fantasy Flight Games

Gear & Piston
For 2-6 players, ages 8+, playing time around 30 minutes by LudiCreations

For 2-4 players, ages 13+, playing time around 45 minutes by Blue Panther

Sedition Wars – Terrain Pack
Accessory Pack by Cool Mini or Not

BattleCON: Devastation of Indines
For 2-5 players, ages 10+, playing time around 45 minutes by Level 99 Games

BattleCON: Strikers
Expansion Set by Level 99 Games

Counter 63
Board/Card Game Magazine

Historical Wargames

The Supreme Commander
Historical wargame for 2-5 players. Playing time around 5 hours by GMT

World at War Issue 34: Guards Armour Division
Price: £39.99*
Strategy & Tactics Press

Strategy & Tactics 285: Duel on the Steppe
Strategy & Tactics Press

C3I Issue 27

Collectible Card Games

Pokemon XY Sleeved Booster
Pokemon CCG Expansion by POkemon

Weiss Schwarz CCG by Bushiroad

Fluttershy Small Deck Protectors
Rarity Small Deck Protectors
Rainbow Dash Small Deck Protectors
My Little Pony CCG Accessory by UltraPro

Happy gaming.

About Angus Abranson

Angus has been working in the games industry since the mid-80’s when he started working at Leisure Games (a leading hobby store in London). He was part of the team that launched Valkyrie magazine in 1994, founded Cubicle 7 Entertainment and co-founded Dragonmeet. He is currently running Chronicle City, a new games company he started in 2012.

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