11 April 2011

By on 11 April 2011

The following should be hitting UK stores this coming week.

For further information please contact your usual suppliers.

Player’s Option: Heroes of Shadow
Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. Wizards of the Coast.

Emerald Empire
Legend of the 5 Rings RPG. AEG.

Little Black Book 9: Library Data
Traveller RPG. Mongoose Publishing.

The Emphyrian Odyssey
Fantasy Fiction. Wizards of the Coast.

Letters from Whitechapel
Board game. 2-6 players. Ages 14+. Nexus Games.
Designers: Gabriele Mari & Gianluca Santopietro

Bugs & Co.
Memory game. 2-8 players. Ages 8+. Asmodee.
Designers: Bruno Faidutti, Thomas Vuarchex & Pierrick Yakovenko

Skulls & Roses
Bluffing card game. 3-6 players. Ages 10+. Lui-même/Asmodee.
Designer: Hervé Marly

Board game. 3-5 players. Ages 14+. Fantasy Flight Games.
Designers: Spartaco Albertarelli & Angelo Zucca

Board game. 2-4 players. Ages 10+. Gryphon Games/Fred Distribution.
Designer: Sean D. MacDonald

Board game. 2 players. Ages 13+. Nexus Games.
Designer: Piero Cioni

Heavens of Olympus
Board game. 3-5 players. Ages 13+. Rio Grande Games.
Designer: Mike Compton

Saboteur 2
Expansion for Saboteur card game. 3-12 players. Ages 8+. Z-Man Games. This is NOT a complete game.
Designer: Frederic Moyersoen

Dwarf Kings Hold – Dead Rising
Skirmish Boardgame. Players 2. Mantic Games.

ATS Dropzone Normandy
Advanced Tobruk System expansion. Critical Hit Inc.

Hell’s Bridgehead 3 Upgrade (no map)
ASL compatible. Critical Hit Inc.

A Call to Arms: Noble Armada
Core rulebook. Mongoose Publishing.

House Hawkwood Fleet Box Set
House Decados Fleet Box Set
House Hazat Fleet Box Set
House al-Malik Fleet Box Set
House Li Halan Fleet Box Set
Noble Armada. Mongoose Publishing.

Force On Force
Modern Wargaming Rules. Osprey Publishing.

Road to Baghdad
Force on Force Supplement. Osprey Publishing.

VBX06 M113 (x4)
VBX08 M132 Zippo (x4)
VBX12 PAVN Infantry Battalion HQ
VBX13 PAVN Infantry Company
Flames of War Vietnam Miniatures. Battlefront.

WGH-CE-04 Celtic Cavalry (10)
WGH-IR-03 Imperial Roman Praetorians (20)
Historical Miniatures. Warlord Games.

PIP31086 Cygnar Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (6) (Resculpt)
PIP31089 Cygnar Charger (Plastic)
PIP32075 Menoth Flameguard Cleanser Officer
PIP32084 Menoth Repenter (Plastic)
PIP34081 Cryx Revenant Crew Weapon Attachment Rifleman
PIP34090 Cryx Defiler (2) (Plastic)
PIP35025 Retribution Cavalry Solo Destor Thane
Warmachine Miniatures. Privateer Press.

280145-0287 Dozers, Field Engineers (Akrylat-Kanone)
280247-0288 Magister Knights
280445-0289 Khawarijs (Rifle + Light Shotgun)
280815-0291 Dasyus (Hacker)
Infinity Miniature. Corvus Belli.

TOW060030 Scrooge
TOW060032 Ikan Hiu
TOW060033 Davy Red
TOW060034 Tatakoa
Ron & Bones Miniature. Tale of War.

TOW070101 Naiara, Street Girl 1/4
TOW070102 Sophia, Street Girl 2/4
FourU Miniature. Tale of War.
TOW070103 Jannet, Street Girl 3/4
FourU Miniature. Tale of War.

MGKWE78-1 Elven Archers (10)
MGKWE81 + 2 War Machines
MGKWK70-1 Abyssal Dawrf Lord’s War Conclave (4)
Kings of War Miniatures. Mantic Games.

Hidden Arsenal 4 Booster
Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG expansion. Konami

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