11 July 2011

By on 12 July 2011

The below should be hitting UK stores this week. For more information please contact your usual suppliers.

The 1880 Smith & Robards Catalog (Deadlands)
Deadlands supplement. Publisher: Studio 2 Design.

Peril in Freeport + complimentary PDF
Pathfinder adventure. Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment/Adamant Entertainment

Fabled Lands RPG
Core rulebook. Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment/Greywood Publishing

Divers & Sundry + complimentary PDF
Clockwork & Chivalry/Runequest II sourcebook. Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment/Cakebread & Walton

Boston: The Broken Cradle of Liberty + complimentary PDF
Interface Zero supplement. Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment/Gun Metal Games

Intercrime – Hostile Takeover
Villains & Vigilantes scenario. Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment/Monkeyhouse Games

QUERP Bestiary
QUERP (Quick Easy Role Play) supplement. Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment/Greywood Publishing

QUERP GM’s Companion
QUERP (Quick Easy Role Play) supplement. Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment/Greywood Publishing

QUERP Modern
Core rulebook. Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment/Greywood Publishing

Conflict Minatures Skirmishing Box Set (Pathfinder)
Player vs. Player Roleplaying for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Publisher: Conflict Games.

Conflict False Peace Battlemaps (Pathfinder)
Accessory for Conflict Skirmishing. Publisher: Conflict Games.

Outbreak: Undead RPG
Core rulebook. Publisher: Hunters Books and Apparel

Miskatonic Horror
Expansion for Arkham Horror. Fantasy Flight Games.

Ladybug Tiles for Hive
Expansion for Hive. Published by Tantrix UK.

Irondie Starter Pack
Dice game. Publisher: Great Lakes Games.

Irondie Expansion Stick
Additional dice for Irondie. Publisher: Great Lakes Games.

Tom Jolly’s Way Word
2-4 players. Ages 10+ Designer: Tom Jolly

2-4 players. Ages 8+. Publisher: Le Scorpion Masque

2 players. Ages 10+. Publisher: Mindspawn Labs.

2 players. Ages 8+. Publisher: Mindspawn Labs.

2-4 players. Ages 8+. Publisher: Mindspawn Labs.

Coloretto Amazonas
Card game. 2-4 players. Ages 8+. Publisher: Abacus Spiele. Designer: Michael Schacht

Jet Set
2-6 players. Ages 12+. Publisher: Wattsalpoag. Designer: Kris Gould

BR950 Auster AOP
GBX45 PaK40 & PaK38 Nests
GE680 Pantherturm I
GE681 Turret Bunkers
GE832 Gebirgsjager Platoon (with Company HQ)
Flames of War Miniatures. Battlefront.

DD019 Nisei Dice Set
TK026 Nisei Token Set
Flames of War Accessory. Battlefront.

Miniature Wargames 340

White Dwarf 379 (July 2011)
games Workshop

Marvel Heroclix: Captain America Booster
Marvel Heroclix: Captain America single figure booster
Marvel Heroclix Hammer of Thor Fast Forces
Publisher: Wizkids/NECA

2012 Core Set Intro Pack
2012 Core Set Booster
2012 Core Set Fat Pack
Magic: The Gathering core set. Publisher: Wizards of the Coast.

WOW TCG Deathwing Sleeves Pack
80 World of Warcraft TCG card sleeves.

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Angus has been working in the games industry since the mid-80’s when he started working at Leisure Games (a leading hobby store in London). He was part of the team that launched Valkyrie magazine in 1994, founded Cubicle 7 Entertainment and co-founded Dragonmeet. He is currently running Chronicle City, a new games company he started in 2012.

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