12 May 2008

By on 14 May 2008

Dreams of the First Age (Exalted Setting; Boxed Set)
White Wolf

Grimoire of Grimoires (Mage: The Awakening Sourcebook; Hardcover)
White Wolf

Alpha Omega RPG (Core Rulebook; Hardcover)
Mind Storm Labs

Sundered Skies (Savage Worlds Setting; Hardcover)
Pinnacle Entertainment

Campaign Map Pack: Slums (RPG Accessory)*

Flip Mat: River Crossing (RPG Accessory)

Delta Green (Call of Cthulhu & d20 Setting Book, Hardcover) *restock*
Pagan Publishing

Horses (Harn Supplement)
Aquatics (Harn Supplement)
Ghosts (Harn Supplement)
Dogs (Harn Supplement)
Bears (Harn Supplement)
Zhura (Fungi) (Harn Supplement)
Fishing (Harn Supplement)
Colombia Games

Clash of Arms: Sacred Bonds Chapter Pack (A Game of Thrones CCG Expansion)
Fantasy Flight Games

Dragon Lairds (Board Game; 2-5 Players; Ages 12+)*
Margaret Weis Productions

Tzaar (Board Game; 2 Players; Ages 10+)
Rio Grande Games

Giro Galoppo (Board Game; 2-5 Players; Ages 6+)
Rio Grande Games

Viva Topo (Board Game; 2-4 Players; Ages 4+)
Rio Grande Games

D-Day Crusade 2nd Edition (Wargame)
Moments in History

D-Day Crusade Expansion
Moments in History

ATS Warfighting Guide #2 (Advanced Tobruk System Expansion)
Critical Hit

Privateer Press Catalogue 2008
PIP31056 Cygnar Captain Arlen Strangewayes *Warmachine*
PIP32055 Protectorate Menoth Vassal of Menoth *Warmachine*
PIP74032 Skorne Karax Unit Box (6) *Hordes*
PIP74033 Skorne Karax Blister (2) *Hordes*
Privateer Press

Army Book: Wolf (Confrontation Supplement)
WFRE01 Unit Box: Hunters *Confrontation*
WFCH02 Hero Box: Throne of Stars *Confrontation*
GRRE03 Unit Box: Spearmen *Confrontation*
GRRE04 Attachment Box: Spearmen *Confrontation*
Accessory Set: Lion Cards (Confrontation Accessory)

KAC202 Unit Box: King Buggy *AT-43*
KACH02 Hero Box: Mentor Freezer *AT-43*
KAEL01 Unit Box: Wendigo *AT-43*
KAEL02 Attachment Box: Wendigo *AT-43*

280225-0138 Auxilia Box Set *Infinity*
280309-0025A Zhanshis (Combi Rifle) New Version *Infinity*
280424-0137 Tarik Mansuri *Infinity*
280618-0136 Void Operator (HMG) *Infinity*
Corvus Belli

34208 Taurian Howitzer Team *Urban War*
34608 Titus IV Nero CLAU *Urban War*
13144 Shock Marine (2) *Urban War*
13642 Aquila Decianus *Urban War*
13724 Black Legion (2) *Urban War*
Urban Mammoth

Rifter 42 (Rifts, etc Magazine)
Palladium Games

Games Gazette 162 (Games Fanzine)

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Angus has been working in the games industry since the mid-80’s when he started working at Leisure Games (a leading hobby store in London). He was part of the team that launched Valkyrie magazine in 1994, founded Cubicle 7 Entertainment and co-founded Dragonmeet. He is currently running Chronicle City, a new games company he started in 2012.

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