13 January 2014

By on 13 January 2014

The below should all be hitting UK store this week. For further information please contact your usual suppliers:


The Quiet Year (non deluxe edition) + complimentary PDF
Buried Without Ceremony


Rebel by Mel Odom
Android Universe novel by Fantasy Flight Games

Dweller in the Deep by Graham McNeill
Arkham Horror Universe novel by Fantasy Flight Games

Hungering God by Alan Bligh & John French
Arkham Horror Universe novel by Fantasy Flight Games

The Sign of Glaaki by Steven Savile & Steve Lockley
Arkham Horror Universe novel by Fantasy Flight Games

Board & Card Games

Sails of Glory Starter Set
For 1-4 players, ages 8+, playing time around 45 minutes by Ares Games

Sails of Glory: HMS Concorde 1783
Sails of Glory: Hermione 1779
Sails of Glory: HMS Impetueux 1796
Sails of Glory: Commerce De Bordeaux 1784
Sails of Glory: Embuscade 1798
Sails of Glory: HMS Cleopatra 1779
Sails of Glory: Le Berwick 1795
Sails of Glory: HMS Bellona 1760
Sails of Glory: Game Mat
Sails of Glory: Coasts & Shoals Terrain Pack
Sails of Glory: Coastal Batteries Terrain Pack
Sails of Glory: Damage Counter Bag
Sails of Glory: Additional Ship Mats
Sails of Glory: Additional Counter Set
Sails of Glory Accessories by Ares Games

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City & Infernal Relics
Expansion set by Greater Than Games.

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Extra Token Pack
Accessory by Greater Than Games

Star Trek Attack Wing: USS Excelsior
Star Trek Attack Wing: IKS Koraga
Star Trek Attack Wing: RIS Vo
Star Trek Attack Wing: Koranak
by WizKids/NECA

Historical Wargames

The Dark Valley
1-2 player historical wargame, ages 14+. Playing time around 8+ hours by GMT Games

The Hunters: German U-Boats at War, 1939-43
1-2 player historical wargame, ages 12+. Playing time around 2 hours by ConSim Press/GMT

Rules & Miniatures

Black Powder: Zulu!
Black Powder Supplement by Warlord Games

A Very British Civil War: Brigadier 38 Army Lists Part 1
A Very British Civil War: Brigadier 38 Army Lists Part 2
AVBCW Supplements by Solway Crafts and Miniatures

Desperate Measures
Flames of War Supplement by Battlefront

GE262 Sdkfz 251/22D
GE364 Puma pak 40
GE369 Aufklarer 38T
SBX30 T-34 Company (includes T34/85 options)
SU093 IS-2 obr 1944
Flames of War Miniatures by Battlefront

7ombie TV: For Ghouls & Colleges + Cards
7ombieTV Supplement by Crooked Dice

7th Voyage: Myths & Monsters
7th Voyage Supplement by Crooked Dice

7TV ARC Moonbase Crew (5)
7TV Bolo
7TV The Destroyer
7TV Future Freedom Fighters 4
7TV Repair Drones (2)
7TV Robo-Minions (3)
7TV Savage School Girls 1 (4)
7TV Savage School Girls 2 (4)
7TV Thuggees (3)
7TV Miniatures by Crooked Dice

PIP32071 Protectorate Flame Bringers (5)
PIP34109 Cryx Mechanithralls (10)
PIP35052 Retribution Epic Eiryss Mage Hunter Commander
PIP36007 Convergence Optiflex Directive (3)
PIP36020 Convergence Perforators (5)
PIP36027 Convergence Solo Elimination Servitors (3)
PIP41105 Mercenary Solo Iron Monger Raluk Moorclaw
Warmachine Miniatures by Privateer Press

PIP73074 Legion Nyss Solo Beast Mistress
PIP73077 Legion Nyss Legionnaires (10)
Hordes Miniatures by Privateer Press

Collectable Card Games

Yu-Gi-OH! War of the Giants Reinforcements

Weiss Schwarz Trial Deck Bakemonogatari

My Little Pony CCG 2-Player Starter Set
My Little Pony CCG Theme Deck 1 (RBD & Rarity)
My Little Pony CCG Theme Deck 2 (TS & AJ)
My Little Pony CCG Booster
by Enterplay

Happy gaming.

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