13 October 2008

By on 14 October 2008

Anima RPG (Core Rulebook; Hardcover)
Fantasy Flight Games

Traveller’s Tales (Solomon Kane Adventure)
Pinnacle Entertainment

Cthulhutech RPG (Core Rulebook; Hardcover) *new publisher/reprint*
Catalyst Game Labs

Vade Mecum (Cthulhutech Supplement; Hardcover)
Catalyst Game Labs

Gearcraft (True20 Supplement)
Reality Blurs

Houses of the Blooded (Core Rulebook)
Wicked Dead Brewing Company

Magic Burner (Burning Wheel Supplement)
Burning Wheel

100 Dark Places (RPG Accessory)
Postmortem Studios

100 Planets (RPG Accessory)
Postmortem Studios

Bloodsuckers: The Juice (Bloodsuckers: The Angst Supplement)
Postmortem Studios

InvaderZ (Core Rulebook)
Postmortem Studios

Amazing Arcana (Fae Noir Supplement)
Green Fairy Games

Gripping Tales of the Impossible #1 (Two-Fisted Tales Supplement)
Precis Intermedia

3:16 – Carnage Among The Stars (Core Rulebook) *restock*
Box Ninja

Hot War (Core Rulebook) *restock*
Contested Ground Studios

Star Wars Saga Edition RPG (Core Rulebook; Hardcover) *restock*
Wizards of the Coast

Dark Heresy GM Toolkit (Dark Heresy Accessory) *reprint*
Fantasy Flight Games

Tour de Lovecraft: The Tales (A Lovecraft Companion by Ken Hite)
Atomic Overmind Press

Things We Think About Games (Collection of Game Essays)
Gameplaywright Press

Mistshore (Forgotten Realms Novel; Waterdeep Series)
Wizards of the Coast

Planet Stories: The Ginger Star (Novel by Leigh Brackett and Ben Bova)

Planet Stories: Swordsmen of Mars (by Otis Adelbert Kline)

Calling the Banners Chapter Pack (A Game of Thrones CCG Expansion)
Fantasy Flight Games

Race for the Galaxy: Gathering Storm Expansion (Race for the Galaxy Expansion Set)
Rio Grande Games

Galaxy Trucker (Board Game; 2-4 Players; Ages 10+)
Rio Grande Games

Chinatown (Board Game; 3-5 Players; Ages 12+)
Z-Man Games

Kings Cribbage (Board Game; 1-4 Players)
Cococo Games

Federation Commander: Orion Attack (Federation Commander Expansion)
Federation Commander Booster #21 (Federation Commander Expansion)
Federation Commander Booster #22 (Federation Commander Expansion)
Federation Commander Booster #23 (Federation Commander Expansion)
Federation Commander Booster #24 (Federation Commander Expansion)
Amarillo Design Bureau

Future Wars Commander (Sci-Fi Miniature Rules)
Blitzkrieg Commander

Decline and Fall, Byzantium (Fields of Glory Supplement)

Warcosm (Starship Miniatures Rulebook with Counters) *restock*
Precis Intermedia

Codex Space Marines (Warhammer 40,000 Supplement)
Space Marine Thunderfire Cannon *Warhammer 40,000*
Space Marine Drop Pod *Warhammer 40,000*
Space Marine Land Speeder *Warhammer 40,000*
Space Marine Scout Bike *Warhammer 40,000*
Games Workshop

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