14 July 2008

By on 18 July 2008

Dungeons & Dragons H2: Thunderspire Labyrinth (D&D Adventure; Levels 4-6)
Wizards of the Coast

D&D Dungeon Tiles DU1: Halls of the Giant Kings (D&D Accessory)
Wizards of the Coast

Dungeons & Dragons 4E Character Sheets (D&D Accessory)
Wizards of the Coast

Dungeons & Dragons Premium Dice Set (D&D Accessory)
Wizards of the Coast

Spinward Marches (Traveller Sourcebook)
Mongoose Publishing

Masters of Court (Legend of the Five Rings Supplement)
Alderac Entertainment

Realms of Power: Magic (Ars Magica Sourcebook; Hardcover)
Atlas Games

Shattered Frontier Player’s Guide (Shattered Frontiers Rulebook)
Kenzer & Co

Brute Squad RPG (Core Rulebook)
Cutters Guild

GM Map Pack: Caverns (RPG Accessory)

LB1: Tower of the Last Baron (d20 Adventure; 5th Level)

Blood Over Gold: Trader Princes of Maniria (Heroquest Supplement)
Moon Design/Issaries Inc.

Delta Green (Call of Cthulhu Supplement; Hardcover) *restock*
Pagan Publishing

Primal State (Call of Cthulhu Monograph)
Cthulhu Invictus (Call of Cthulhu Monograph) *restock*
Strange Songs (Call of Cthulhu Monograph) *restock*
Big Book of Cults (Call of Cthulhu Monograph) *restock*
Cthulhu For President RPG – Colour Cover (Call of Cthulhu Monograph) *restock*

Against the Giants Booster (Dungeons & Dragons Miniature Game Expansion
Wizards of the Coast

King of Chicago (Board Game; 3-6 Players; Ages 14+)

Say Anything (Party Game)

Warriors of God (100 Years War)

Day of Heroes (Mogadishu, Somalia, 1993)
Matrix Games

Dark July (Band of Heroes Expansion)
Matrix Games

Moonscape (Warhammer 40,000 Scenery)
Games Workshop

Legions Triumphant (Fields of Glory Supplement 5; Imperial Rome at War)
Osprey Publishing

Shako II (Napoleonic Miniature Rules)

Rise of Eagles (Shako II Scenarios)

KKBB101 Top Agents *1960’s Spy Adventures*
KKBB102 Trainee Agents *1960’s Spy Adventures*
KKBB103 Henchmen *1960’s Spy Adventures*
KKBB104 Guards in Berets *1960’s Spy Adventures*
KKBB105 Freelance Agents *1960’s Spy Adventures*
Copplestone Castings

KKBB201 British Freelance Agents *1960’s Spy Adventures*
KKBB202 Field Agents *1960’s Spy Adventures*
KKBB203 Double Agents *1960’s Spy Adventures*
KKBB204 Guard *1960’s Spy Adventures*
KKBB205 Dr Felix and Assistants *1960’s Spy Adventures*
Artizan Design

DRK-RUS005 Soviet Chumans (3) *AE-WWII Retro Sci-Fi*
DRK-RUS006 Soviet Guard (2) *AE-WWII Retro Sci-Fi*
Darkson Designs

PIP41067 Mercenary Horgenhold Forge Guard (6) *Warmachine*
PIP41068 Mercenary Horgenhold Forge Guard (2) *Warmachine*
PIP41069 Mercenary Orin Midwinter *Warmachine*
Privateer Press

280101-0001 Starter Pack Ariadna (New Version) *Inifnity*
280226-0143 Knights of Santiago (Spitfire, AP CCW) *Inifnity*
280326-0145 Domaru Butai (Boarding Shotgun, AP CCW) *Inifnity*
280425-0144 Hassassin Lasiq (Virel Rifle + Light Shotgun) *Inifnity*
Corvus Belli

34403 Sumo Body Guards Unit Box *Urban War*
34405 Hatamotos Unit Box *Urban War*
34603 Legionary Lancers Unit Box *Urban War*
13145 Shock Marine Serg *Urban War*
13410 Sumo Bodyguard w/2-handed sword *Urban War*
Urban Mammoth

ZIT12009 Nalog Top (scenery)
ZIT12001 Dragonstone Fortified Manorhouse (scenery)
ZIT12002 Country Manor House (scenery)

Battlegames Magazine 13 (Miniature Wargames Magazine)

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