15 February 2010

By on 14 February 2010

The below should be hitting UK stores this week. Please contact your usual supplier for further information.

Martial Power 2
Hardcover D&D 4E Sourcebook from Wizards of the Coast

Boardgame from Grindhouse Games, Players 2-4, Ages 14+

Glenn’s Gallery
Boardgame from Mayfair Games, Players 3-5, Ages 10+

Tooth & Claw Battle Pack
Warhammer Invasion LCG Expansion from Fantasy Flight Games

Sleep of the Dead
Call of Cthulhu LCG Asylum Pack from Fantasy Flight Games

Battle for Normandy
Wargame from GMT, Players 2 (or 2 teams)

C3I Issue #23
From GMT

Anima Tactics Rulebook
Hardcover Core Rulebook from Fantasy Flight Games

Lost Scrolls
Softcover companion for Field of Glory

Rate of Fire
WWII Skirmish Wargames Rules from Crusader Publishing

The Gathering Storm – Part 2
Second Supplement for 1938: A Very British Civil War from Solway Crafts & Miniatures

Breaking the Luftwaffe
Scenarios & Campaigns for Check Your 6! by SkirmishCampaigns

Rough Riders!
Miniature wargaming rules, from The Virtual Armchair General

WYR2016 The Hanged
WYR5023 Ronin (3 pack)
Malifaux miniatures from Wyrd Miniatures

PIP32059 Menoth Exemplar Cinerators (5 – Plastic)
PIP34075 Cryx Warwitch Siren
PIP41075 Mercenary Rutger Shaw
Warmachine miniature from Privateer Press

ANG009 Sagittarius & Velites
ANG010 Spectators
ANG011 Condemned Men
ANG012 Gladiator Characters
Gladiatorial miniatures from Crusader Miniatures

VX0009 Napoleon’s Old Guard Grandiers
Historical Miniatures from Victrix

MGKWU11-1 Undead Skeleton Troop
MGKWU12-1 Undead Skeleton Command
MGKWU21-1 Undead Skeleton Regiment
Fantasy miniatures by Mantic Games

YGO Machina Mayhem Structure Deck
YGO Absolute Powerforce Boosters
From Konami

The God Catcher
Forgotten Realms Novel from Wizards of the Coast

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