15 July 2013

By on 15 July 2013

The below items should be hitting UK game stores this week. For further information please contact your usual supplier!

Warhammer Fantasy RPG: Grey Order Magic Action Pack
Fantasy Flight Games

D&D 3.5 Magic Item Compendium
Wizards of the Coast. The ultimate magic item trove for D&D players!

Star Fleet Battles: Captains Log 47
Amarillo Design Bureau

Dominion: Guilds Expansion
Dominion Expansion by Rio Grande Games

Escape: Illusions Expansion
Escape Expansion by Queen Games

A Feast of Crows Expansion
Game of Thrones Board Game Expansion by Fantasy Flight Games

Munchkin Dragons Expansion
Munchkin Expansion by Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin Zombie Decay D6
Munckin Accessory by Steve Jackson Games

Zombie Dice Score Pad
Zombie Dice Accessory by Steve Jackson Games

Heinrich V Expansion
Lancaster Expansion by Queen Games

Cave Goblins Second Summoner
Guild Dwarves Second Summoner
Phoenix Elves Second Summoner
Tundra Orcs Second Summoner
Summoner Wars Expansions by Plaid Hat Games

Atlantik Wall
Battlefront. Flames of War Supplement

XX107 Plastic Rural Bases
Battlefront. Flames of War Accessory

Magic: The Gathering, 2014 Core Set Booster
Magic: The Gathering, 2014 Core Set Intro Pack
Magic: The Gathering, 2014 Core Set Fat Pack
Magic: The Gathering, 2014 Core Set Deck Builder’s Toolkit
Wizards of the Coast.

Weiss Schwarz: Sword Art Online Booster

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