15 March 2010

By on 13 March 2010

The below will be hitting UK stores next week. For more information please contact your usual suppliers.

The Grinding Gear
Fantasy Adventure from LOTFP

Warlords of Europe
Boardgame from for Conquest Gaming Players 2-4

From Mayfair Games Players 1-4, Ages 10+

Nuns on the Run
From Mayfair Games Players 2-8, Ages 10+

Beep! Beep!
Card game from Valley Games Players 2-6, Ages 8+

Habitat – The North Woods
Card game for 2-6 players aged 8 and over, from Valley Games

Frontline D-Day
Wargame from Dan Verssen Games

Phantom Leader
Wargame from Dan Verssen Games

Turning Point
Wargame from Worthington Games

ATO Anual 2009: Verdum

Magic: The Gathering Phyrexia vs. The Coalition Duel Decks
From Wizards of the Coast

Axis & Allies: Naval Starter 2010
Axis & Allies TMG by Wizards of the Coast

Too Few to Fight, Too Many to Die
Wargames Rules from Ruga Ruga Publishing

Astounding Adventures! #2
Scenarios for Astounding Tales by Virtual Armchair General

BBX19 Para 17pdr Box
BR806 Parachute Royal Engineers
Flames of War miniatures from Battlefront

GE954 SS Decals
TD030 10. SS-Panzerdivision Gaming Set
Flames of War accessory from Battlefront

WGP-07 Pike & Shotte Dragoons
Historical miniatures from Warlord Games

MGKWE76-1 Elf Stormwind Cavalry
MGKWU13-1 Undead Revenant Troop
MGKWU14-1 Undead Revenant Command
MGKWU16-1 Undead Ghoul Troop
MGKWU22-1 Undead Revenant Regiment
Fantasy miniatures by Mantic Games

No Quarter 29
From Privateer Press

Battlegames 21

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