17 May 2010

By on 16 May 2010

The following will be hitting UK games stores this week. For further information please contatc your usual suppliers:

Reign Enchiridion
Softcover Reign RPG Rules from Cubicle 7

This Favored Land
Softcover Wild Talents Sourcebook from Cubicle 7

The Cursed Earth
Softcover Judge Dredd Sourcebook from Mongoose Publishing

Harlock’s Legacy 3: Dead Stars
Hardcover Dark Heresy Adventure from Fantasy Flight Games

Terror Thirteen: A Horror RPG
Softcover Core Rules from Anansi Games

Wordplay: The Big 5
Softcover Core Rules & Wordplay Settings from D101 Games

Talisman: The Highland Expansion
Talisman Expansion from Fantasy Flight Games

Carcassonne: Bridges, Castles & Bazaars
Carcassonne Expansion from Rio Grande Games

Spring Break
Mad Scientist University Expansion from Atlas Games

Secrets of Arkham Box Set
Call of Cthulhu LCG Expansion from Fantasy Flight Games

Arcane Fire Battle Pack
Warhammer Invasion LCG Expansion from Fantasy Flight Games

Lords of the Winter
A Game of Thronnes LCG Expansion from Fantasy Flight Games

Descent Mini: Siren
Descent Mini: Kraken
Descent Mini: Sweetheart
From Fantasy Flight Games

MTG Deck Builders Kit
From Wizards of the Coast

Arcane Legions: Dragons of the Far East
Arcane Legions: Servants of Thebes
Limited Edition Miniature from Wells Expeditions

PIP31072 Cygnar Stormsmith Storm Tower
PIP32064 Protectorate Vassal Mechanik
PIP34069 Cryx Lich Lord Venethrax
PIP35033 Retribution Mage Hunter Assassin Variant Pose
PIP41079 Mercenary Horgenhold Artillery Corps
Warmachine Miniatures from Privateer Press

FRB-GOB011 Momma Cebada
FRB-IMP012 Torpe
Fantasy Miniature from Freebooter

Battlegames 22
Historical Wargaming Magazine from Battlegames Ltd

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 53
Historical Wargaming Magazine from Revistas Profesionales

Naval Sitrep Issue #38

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Angus has been working in the games industry since the mid-80's when he started working at Leisure Games (a leading hobby store in London). He was part of the team that launched Valkyrie magazine in 1994, founded Cubicle 7 Entertainment and co-founded Dragonmeet. He is currently running Chronicle City, a new games company he started in 2012.

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