18 July 2011

By on 18 July 2011

The below should be hitting UK stores this coming week. Please contact your usual suppliers for more information.

Pathfinder #47: Ashes at Dawn
For Pathfinder RPG. Publisher: Paizo Publishing.

Campaign Setting: Dungeons of Golarion
For Pathfinder RPG. Publisher: Paizo Publishing.

Carrion Crown Poster Map
For Pathfinder RPG. Publisher: Paizo Publishing.

Pathfinder Companion: Faiths of Balance
For Pathfinder RPG. Publisher: Paizo Publishing.

Pathfinder Module: Harrowing
Adventure for Pathfinder RPG. Publisher: Paizo Publishing.

Flip Mat: Haunted Dungeon
Game accessory. Publisher: Paizo Publishing.

Unspeakable Oath 19
Cthulhu Mythos magazine. Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing

Knights of the Dinner Table 176
Comic. Publisher: Kenzer & Co.

Board game. Players: 3-5 Ages: 12+
Designer: Philippe Keyaerts. Publisher: Ystari/Rio Grande Games.

Board game. Players: 2-6. Ages 8+
Designers: Tom Dalgliesh, Lance Gutteridge, Ron Gibson, John Gordon.
Publisher: Columbia Games.

Age of Industry: Japan & Minnesota
Expansion for Age of Industry. Publisher: Treefrog Games.

Board game. Players: 2-5 Ages: 10+.
Publisher: Japon Brand/Z-Man Games. Designer: Hayato Kisaragi

Case Yellow, 1940
World War 2 war game. 1-2 players. Publisher: GMT. Designer: Ted Raicer

Night Fighter
World War 2 aerial combat war game. 2 players. Publisher: GMT. Designer: Lee Brimmicombe-Wood

Mercs Rulebook
Tabletop miniatures wargame rules.

CST1035 Lilith
CST1036 Female Empire Agent
Anima Tactics miniature.

FR201 Lorraine 38L Armoured Carrier (x2 1pc resins)
FRX05 French 105mm C mle 1935 B Howitzer Battery
FRX06 Autocanon de 75mm (x4)
GE569 8cm & 10cm FK30(t) gun battery
GBX46 s10cm K18 gun battery (with 15cm option)
Flames of War Miniatures. Battlefront.

DD018 1. Fallschirmjäger-Division Dice Set
DD020 Goum Dice Set
Flames of War Accessory. Battlefront.

WYR1038 Guild Hounds (2 pack)
WYR2038 Night Terrors (2 pack)
WYR2039 Dead Rider
WYR3034 Snow Storm
WYR3035 Mobile Toolkit
WYR4037 Black Blood Shaman
WYR4039 Collodi
WYR4040 Marrionetts (4 pack)
WYR4041 Wicked Dolls (3 pack)
Malifaux Miniature. Wyrd Miniatures.

PIP31091 Cygnar Ally Gallant UPGARDE KIT (needs 31062)
PIP32085 Menoth Blood of Martyrs UPGRADE KIT (needs 32061)
PIP33087 Khador Black Ivan UPGRADE KIT (needs 33063)
PIP34093 Cryx Erebus UPGRADE KIT (needs 34066)
Warmachine Miniature Mod Kit. Privateer Press.

PIP71064 Trollblood Scattergunner Officer & Standard (2)
Hordes Miniature. Privateer Press.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Hidden Arsenal 4 Special Edition

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