18 March 2013

By on 19 March 2013

The below should be hitting UK stores this week. For further information please contact your usual suppliers:

Adventurer Conqueror King: Player’s Companion

Ars Magica: Antagonists
Atlas Games

Pathfinder 68: The Shackled Hut
Paizo Publishing, LLC

Pathfinder Companion: Dungeoneer’s Handbook
Paizo Publishing, LLC

Pathfinder Module: Broken Chains
Paizo Publishing, LLC

Flip Mat Battlefield
Paizo Publishing, LLC

Pandemic (2013 edition)
Board game by Z-Man Games. For 2-4 players, ages 10+, playing time around 60 minutes.

Board game by Fantasy Flight Games. For 2-4 players, ages 14+, playing time around 150 minutes.

Medieval Mastery
Board game by Chaos Publishing. 2-6 Players, ages 10+.

Star Wars LCG: The Desolation of Hoth Force Pack
Expansion set by Fantasy Flight Games

Axis & Allies WW1 1914
Board game by Avalon Hill (Hasbro)/Wizards of the Coast. For 2-8 players, ages 12+

Unexploded Cow Deluxe Edition
Board game by Cheapass Games. For 3-6 players, ages 10+, playing time around 30 minutes.

World at War Issue 29 (Norway)
Strategy & Tactics Press

Hell’s Gate
Victory Point Games. For 1-2 players, ages 12+.

Victory Point Games. For 1 player, ages 12+.

Paul Koenig’s Market Garden: Nijmegen
Victory Point Games. For 2 players, ages 12+.

Waterloo 20 (2nd Edition)
Victory Point Games. For 1-2 players, ages 8+, playing time around 50 minutes.

ASL Compatible: Retro Pak 3
ASL Compatible: Timmes Orchard 2
Critical Hit

Dust Tactics: Operation Icarus
Dust Tactics: USMC Heavy Weapons Teams
Dust Tactics: Axis Ubertoten Assault Squad
Dust Tactics: Axis Ubertoten Suicide Squad
Fantasy Flight Games

WYR1059 Pathfinder and Clockwork Traps (4)
WYR5077 Vanessa, Treasure Hunter
WYR5080 Wong
WYR5081 Gracie
Wyrd Miniatures. Malifaux Miniature

AW200 American War of Independence British Infantry
Perry Miniatures. Historical Wargaming Miniatures

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cosmo Blazer Special Edition

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