19 July 2010

By on 19 July 2010

The following should be hitting UK stores this week:

Races of Glorantha Volume 1
Hardcover RuneQuest sourcebook from Mongoose Publishing

Nations of Barsaive Volume 2: Serpent River
Softcover Earthdawn Sourcebook from Mongoose Publishing

Sex, Dice & Gamer Chicks
Humour, written by Jonny Nexus and James Desborough, published by Mongoose Publishing

Adventurer’s Handbook: Genius Guide Volume 1
For Pathfinder RPG, from Other World Creations

The Complete Canal Priests of Mars
Space 1889 supplement from Heliograph

D&D 4th Edition Game Mat – The Inn of the Welcome Wench
D&D 4th Edition Game Mat – The King’s Road
Gaming Accessory from Gales Force Nine

Don Quixote
Board game, 1-4 players ages 8+, duration 20-30 mins From Pegasus Press

Shakespeare Carduta
A simple card game based on the traditional Japanese card game Carduta From Ayako Yoshimi

Board game for 2-5 players agesd 8-adult, from Rapmesinjah.

Swift and Bold Expansion (Version 2)
Expansion for Lock’n’Load: Band of Heroes From Lock and Load

Against The Odds Vol 8#1: Buffalo Wings
From Clash of Arms

Voltron Battle Miniatures Game
Monsterpocalypse game, from Privateer Press

WYR3019 Electrical Creation
Malifaux miniature by Wyrd Miniatures

Federation Commander: War & Peace
From Amarillo Design Bureau

Federation Commander Booster 28
Federation Commander Booster 29
Federation Commander Booster 30
From Amarillo Design Bureau

Star Fleet Battles Module R12: Unusual Ships
From Amarillo Design Bureau

Level Counter
From Q-Workshop
Available colours: Black & White, White & Black, Ivory & Black, Green & White, Blue & White, Red & White

Fudge Dice (set of four) – White & Black
From Q-Workshop

Steampunk Dice (Polyhedral set of 7) – Brown & Yellow
From Q-Workshop

Dwarven Dice (Polyhedral set of 7)
From Q-Workshop
Available colours: Yellow & Black, White & Black, Ivory & Black, Grey & Black, Red & Black

Knights of the Dinner Table Issue # 164

KODT Special: The Bag Wars Saga

Spielbox UK #3
English language edition of the popular German board/card games magazine

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