19 September 2011

By on 19 September 2011

The below should be hitting UK stores this week.

For further information please contact your usual suppliers.

Black Crusade
Core Rulebook – Hardcover
Fantasy Flight Games

Black Crusade: GM Kit
Fantasy Flight Games

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition: Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium
Supplement – Hardcover
Wizards of the Coast

Pathfinder: Forgotten Foes
Supplement – Softcover
Studio 2 Publishing

Champions: Champions Beyond
Supplement – Softcover
Hero Games

Hero System: Grimoire 6th Edition
Supplement – Softcover
Hero Games

Hero System: Star Hero 6th Edition
Supplement – Softcover
Hero Games

Talisman: The Dragon expansion
Fantasy Flight Games

Lost Battles
Wargame – Players 1-4, 30 mins to many hours
Designer: Philip Sabin

Wargame – Players 2, ages 12+

No Retreat
Wargame – Players 2, ages 12+

Space Empire 4X
Wargame – Players 1-4, ages 13+

Sun Of York
Wargame -Players 2, ages 8+

Anima Tactics: CST2038 Maria
by Cipher

Flames of War: BB505 Large Desert Hill
Flames of War: BB534 Extra Large Desert Hill
Flames of War: BB535 Desert Escarpments
Flames of War: BB537 Desert Oasis
Flames of War: BB538 Desert Palms
Flames of War: BBX03 Royal Horse Artillery Battery x4
Flames of War: BR305 Morris CS9 Armoured Car x2
Flames of War: BR888 Jock Campbell & Op Observer
Flames of War: GBX49 Kradschutzen Platoon (Afrika Korps)
Flames of War: GBX52 Hellfire and Back Stuzpunkt Nests
Flames of War: IBX04 Self-Propelled Coastal Gun Platoon x2
Flames of War: IBX05 M11/39 Platoon x5
Flames of War: IBX07 100/17 Howitzer Battery x4
by Battlefront

Malifaux: Twisting Fates
Malifaux: WYR1039 Sonnia Criid Alternative Sculpt
Malifaux: WYR1040 Sonnia Avatar of Conflagration
Malifaux: WYR3037 Raptor (2)
Malifaux: WYR3040 Soulstone Miner
Malifaux: WYR3041 Large Arachnid Construct
Malifaux: WYR5056 Pigapult
by Wyrd Miniatures

Warmachine: PIP31088 Cygnar Light Warjack Sentinal (Plastic)
Warmachine: PIP32083 Menoth Light Warjack Redeemer (Plastic)
Warmachine: PIP34089 Cryx Bonejacks Nightwretch (2) (Plastic)
Warmachine: PIP41089 Mercenary Solo The Seeker Sylys Wyshnalyrr
Hordes: PIP71059 Trollblood Warlock Devil of Thorwood Jarl Skuld
Hordes: PIP72058 Circle Orboros Warlock Grayle the Farstrider
Hordes: PIP74058 Skorne Warlock Master Ascetic Naaresh
Hordes: PIP75037 Minion Warlock The Dreadbound Maelok
by Privateer Press

Hell Dorado: HD1008 Samael
Hell Dorado: HD2005 Li Tsu Tsin (includes 2 lemures)
Hell Dorado: HD3007 Wormpile
Hell Dorado: HD6008 Berber Chasseurs (2)
Hell Dorado: HD7008 Missionary
by Cipher

Freebooter: FRB-IMP017 Imperial Fool (Jester)
Freebooter: FRB-SOL009 Fidanzata
Freebooter: FRB-SOL010 Rat Swarms
by Freebooter

Ron & Bones: TOW060036 Johan Adrian Bones
Ron & Bones: TOW060037 Mc Lusco
by Tale of War

YGO Generation Force Special Edition

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