20 April 2009

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Arcane Power (D&D 4E Sourcebook)
Wizards of the Coast

E1 Death’s Reach (D&D 4E adventure for levels 21 to 24)
Wizards of the Coast

Pathfinder 20: House of the Beast (Legacy of Fire series)
Paizo Publishing

Module E2: Blood of Dragonscar (adventure for 15th level characters)
Paizo Publishing

D&D Minis Players Handbook Heroes Series 1 Booster
Wizards of the Coast

The Eastern Bank (Corporation RPG)
Mongoose Publishing

Shadows of Cthulhu (True 20 System)
Mongoose Publishing

Spirit of the Century
Evil Hat Productions

Don’t Rest Your Head
Evil Hat Productions

Planet Stories: The Sword of Rhiannon
Paizo Publishing

Zooloretto Exotic Expansion
Rio Grande Games

Genoa (formerly Traders of Genoa)
Rio Grande Games

Monopoly Deal

Twister Hopscotch

ATS Snakeshead Ridge (Advanced Tobruk System)
Critical Hit

Strategy & Tactics Issue 256: Battle of Britain 1940
Decision Games

Panzerblitz: Hill of Death
Multiman Publishing

UFS: ShadoWar Booster (Ultimate Fighting System CCG)
Fantasy Flight Games

Soul Calibur IV: Tower of Souls Booster (Ultimate Fighting System CCG)
Fantasy Flight Games

Map Pack 1: The Attack on Teth (Star Wars minis accessory)
Wizards of the Coast

Powers & Principalities (for Babylon 5: A Call to Arms)
Mongoose Publishing

Rank & File (Fast play rules for Horse & Musket period)
Crusader Publishing

CST1016 Odin Goldsmith (Anima Tactics)
Fantasy Flight Games

GBX29 Flak Bunkers (Flames of War)
SU402 Ford JPA (Amphibious) Jeep (Flames of War)
SU104 M10 Lend Lease (Flames of War)
SU543 85mm OBR 1939 Gun (Flames of War)
SU747 Spetsnaz Platoon (Flames of War)
GBX27 8.8cm PaK43 Platoon (cruciform, 2 guns) (Flames of War)
SBX12 Heavy Assault Gun Company (Flames of War)
GE101 Hetzer Tank-hunter (Flames of War)
GE275 Maultier (resin, x2) (Flames of War)
GE723 Panzergrenadier Platoon (late) (Flames of War)
by Battlefront

PIP72033 Circle Epic Krueger the Stormlord (Hordes)
PIP73033 Legion Epic Thagrosh the Messiah (Hordes)
PIP71036 Mulg the Ancient – Dire Troll Warbeast box (Hordes)
PIP72041 Circle Orboros Stoneward & Wold Stalkers box (Hordes)
PIP73043 Everblight Swordsmen Abbott & Champion (2) (Hordes)
by Privateer Press

HELR09OC Vincenzo Maculano De Fiorenzuola (Helldorado)
HELR09IM Chan Lee & Li Tsu Tsin (Helldorado)
by Asmodee

13635 Thermite Bombers (2 figs) (Urban War)
13517 Stinger Hybrids (2 figs) (Urban War)
13331 Nyxx Assassin (Urban War)
by Urban Mammoth

280129-0185 3rd Highlander Rifles (Infinity)
280232-0183 Croc Men (Hacker) (Infinity)
280529-0181 Tsyklon Sputniks (Infinity)
280625-0180 Slave Drones (Infinity)
by Corvus Belli

UNRE03 Unit Box: Star Troopers (Frostbite V2) (AT43)
UNRE04 Attachment Box 1: Star Troopers (AT43)
UNRE05 Attachment Box 2: Star Troopers (AT43)
KAC101 Unit Box: Dirt Trike (AT43)
THC103 Unit Box: Succubus Golgoth (AT43)
ATAC06 Accessory Expansion Set: Elysian Cristals (AT43)
by Rackham

PLP585 A Very Private Army (Thrilling Tales miniatures)
PLP586 The Long Arm of the Law (Thrilling Tales miniatures)
ARB005 Arab Irregulars with Lewis Guns (First World War – Arab Revolt)
ARB020 Lawrence of Arabia mounted on Camel (First World War – Arab Revolt)
ARB021 Camel Mounted Arab Irregulars (First World War – Arab Revolt)
by Artizan Design

Celtic Cavalry (Ancient Rome, box set)
Roman Emperors
Celtic Mastifs & Handlers
by Warlord Games

Zombie Horde (Modern zombies)
Ancient Celts
by Wargames Factory

BH1 British Napoleonic Infantry
RBB1 American House
by Perry Miniatures

Kobold Quarterly Issue 9
Open Design

Flagship 127

Wargames Illustrated 259

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