20 July 2009

By on 20 July 2009

The below should be hitting UK stores this week…

Divine Power (D&D 4E sourcebook)
Wizards of the Coast

Seekers of the Ashen Crown (D&D 4E standalone adventure, levels 2-5)
Wizards of the Coast

Eberron 4th Edition campaign Guide (D&D 4E)
Wizards of the Coast

Rebellion Era Campaign Guide (Star Wars RPG)
Wizards of the Coast

Victoriana 2nd edition (Core rulebook, hardcover)
Cubicle 7

Stupor Mundi (Historical setting for RuneQuest)
Alephtar Games

Age of Cthulhu 2: Madness in London Town (Cthulhu 1920’s adventure)
Goodman Games

Fool’s Gold (for Aces & Eights RPG)
Kenzer & Co.

Scroll of Heroes (for Exalted RPG, softcover)
White Wolf Publishing

Central Supply Catalogue (for Traveller RPG, softcover)
Mongoose Publishing

Spycraft Decplassified: Shadow Play (Collection of articles, softcover)
Mongoose Publishing

Nightbane Survival Guide (for Nightbane RPG, softcover)
Palladium Books

Impossible Eye (levels 11-13) (Pathfinder Adventure Path 23)
Paizo Publishing

Hard Helix (for Mutant City Blues RPG, softcover)
Pelgrane Press

The Quintessential Rogue (4E GSL compatible)
Mongoose Publishing

Dungeon Tiles – Stone Finish (plywood tiles, marked with 1″ squares)
Blue Panther

Counter Collection 4E: Epic 1 (accessory)
Fiery Dragon Press

Counter Collection 4E: Paragon 1 (accessory)
Fiery Dragon Press

Sword & Sorcery: Creature Collection (4E GSL compatible)
Fiery Dragon Press

Mage: The Awakening Tarot (78 card themed Tarot deck)
White Wolf Publishing

Looney Bin (3-7 players, ages 12+)
Numbskull Games

MidEvil Deluxe (all 3 MidEvil games in one. 2-6 players, ages 12+)
Twilight Creations

Bag O’Skeletons (100 Skeletons, suitable for painting)
Twilight Creations

Martians!!! (2-6 players, ages 10+)
Twilight Creations

Trivial Pursuit Bite-Size: Food & Wine

War is Hell: The Hell of Stalingrad (card based wargame)
Clash of Arms

Captain’s Log 39 (Star Fleet Battles periodical)
Amarillo Design Bureau

Napoleon (Napoleonic era Miniatures Wargaming)

New miniatures for:
Uncharted Sea

New miniatures by:
Tales of War
Wyrd Miniatures
Artizan Designs
Wargames Factory
Warlord Games

The Crusader Vol 5, number 15 (Castles & Crusades periodical)
Troll Lord Games

Games Gazette #169
Chris Baylis

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