20 September 2010

By on 20 September 2010

The following will be hitting UK stores this week. Please contact your usual supplier for further information.

Adventure Burner
Softcover Burning Wheel supplement from Burning Wheel

Fantasy Hero (6th Edition)
From Hero Games.

S/lay w/Me
Softcover core rules from Adept Press

Prime Directive d20 Modern – Federation
Softcover Prime Directive supplement from Amarillo Design Bureau

D&D Essentials: Rules Compendium
D&D Essentials: Heroes of the Fallen Lands
Dungeons & Dragons 4e supplement from Wizards of the Coast

Lords of Madness Huge Booster
D&D miniatures from Wizards of the Coast

Dungeons & Dragons Game Dice
From Wizards of the Coast

Fudge Dice (Reaper’s Revenge)
Set of 4 Fudge Dice, from Reaper’s Revenge

Decision Dice
From Flying Buffalo

Battle Map: Disaster at Dieppe
For Memoir ’44, by Days of Wonder.

Lord of the Rings BoardGame *Silver Line edition*
Cooperative boardgame from Fantasy Flight Games Players 2-5, Ages 13+

Boardgame from Fantasy Flight Games Players 2-5, Ages 12+

Okko Expansion 2 – Pajan Gun Tai
Expansion for Okko, for 2 players, from 12 years. Gametime around 40 minutes.

Development Kit D1.0 for 1825 Games
Extension for 1825, from Tresham Games

Boggle Flash
Family Game from Hasbro

Articulate Your Life
Party game for 2 or more players, ages 12+, from Drumond Park.

Best of British
The game of what makes Britain British, from Drumond Park. For 2-6 players, or teams, ages 12+

Multiplayer word search game from Drumond Park. For 2-4 players, ages 8+

Liberty Roads
From HexaSim

Kawanakajima 1561
The 4th battle of Kawanakajima, in feudal Japan, from HexaSim

Rituals of R’hllor
A Game of the Thrones LCG expansion from Fantasy Flight Games

Empire at War Starter
Legend of the 5 Rings CCG from Alderac Entertainment Group

Empire at War Booster
Legend of the 5 Rings CCG from Alderac Entertainment Group

Federation Commander Border Box 10
Federation Commander miniatures from Amarillo Design Bureau

CST2031 Arkham
CST2032 Al D’jinn
CST3030 Raziel Archetypum
Anima Tactics miniature, from Cipher Studios

Field of Glory Renaissance
Renaissance Era Wargames Rules from Osprey Publishing

Wars of Religion
Field of Glory Renaissance supplement from Osprey Publishing

Extra Impetus III
Army Lists for Impetus

Uncharted Seas 2nd Edtion
Fantasy Naval Wargame Rules from Spartan Games

Forces of Hordes: Trollblood (Hardcover)
Forces of Hordes: Trollblood (Softcover)
Hordes Army Book from Privateer Press

PIP31063 Cygnar Battlegroup Box Set (Plastic)
PIP32062 Protectorate Battlegroup Box Set (Plastic)
IP33064 Khador Battlegroup Box Set (Plastic)
PIP34067 Cryx Battlegroup Box Set (Plastic)
Warmachine Starter Box from Privateer Press

PIP72051 Circle Orboros Stone Keeper UA
PIP73046 Everblight Heavy Warbeast Ravagore
Hordes Miniature from Privateer Press

WYR2027 Kirai Ankoku
WYR2028 Ikiryo
WYR2029 Seishin (2 pack)
WYR2030 Onryo (2 pack)
WYR2031 Datsue-Ba
WYR2032 Gaki (2 pack)
WYR3024 Colette DuBois
WYR3025 Cassandra
WYR3026 Permormer & Mannequin 1 (2 pack)
WYR3027 Permormer & Mannequin 2 (2 pack)
WYR3028 Coryphee (2 pack)
Malifaux Miniatures from Wyrd Miniatures

MGKWD14-1 Dwarf Ironbelcher
MGKWD23-1 Dwarf Ironbelcher Battery
MGKWD31-1 Dwarf Forge Guard Detachment
MGKWD32-1 Dwarf Storm of Iron Detachment
MGKWD41-1 Dwarf Warhost (42 figures)
MGKWD74-1 Dawrf Flame Belcher
Kings of War Miniatures from Mantic Games

Coloured Standard Card Game Sleeves
Available in black, blue, red, white, green
From Fantasy Flight Games

Wargames Illustrated #276
Battlefront Miniatures

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