21 September 2009

By on 21 September 2009

The below should be hitting UK stores this week. Please contact your usual supplier for further information.

Magi of Hermes
Ars Magica supplement from Atlas Games

Peryton Fantasy
D20 RPG from Peryton Publishing

Gaming Paper Roll – 1″ Square Grid
Gaming Paper

Deep Ones in Space
For Battlestations from Gorilla Games

Sector 41
Boardgame from Scimitar Games 2-4 players ages 12+

Burger, Baumeister & Co.
Boardgame from Abacus Spiele players 2 – 4, ages 8+

The Isle of Dr Necreaux
Card Game from AEG players 1-5, ages 14+

Sticks and Stones Card Game
Card Game from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, players 2-4

Batt’l Kh’aos
Boardgame from Z-Man Games players 2, ages 10+

Monopoly Championship
Boardgame from Hasbro

From Hasbro

Carol Vorderman’s Tribond
From Imagination Games, for ages 12+

Where there is Discord
Wargame from Fifth Column Games

Africa Orientale Italiana
Wargame from Decision Games

Advanced Pacific Theatre of Operations
Wargame from Decision Games

1805 Sea of Glory
Wargame from GMT

PQ-17 Arctic Naval Operations 1941-43
Wargame from GMT

Caesars Gallic War
Wargame from Worthington Games

Against All Odds
ATS Wargame by Critical Hit

Arnhem: Defiant Stand
ATS Wargame by Critical Hit

Arnhem: Defiant Stand | Scottish Corridor Gamers Guide
Wargame accessory by Critical Hit

Clash Along the Psel
ATS Wargame by Critical Hit

Oosterbeek Perimeter – Full Game
ATS Wargame by Critical Hit

Action at Carentan!
ASL Scenarios by Critical Hit

Pokemon Trainer Collection
From Pokemon USA

Yu Gi Oh Collectors Tins JACK ATLAS
From Konami

Empires of the Dragon
Field of Glory Asia Supplement by Osprey

WGF-FG006 Numidians
WGF-FG007 Ancient German Warriors
WG-IR5 Imperial Roman Auxiliaries (24)
WGP-06 Pike & Shotte Covenanter Infantry
Plastic miniatures from Warlord Games

BBX08 British Armoured Platoon (New Version)
BB106 Entrenchments
BB107 Log Emplacements
BR601 Sherman ARV
by Flames of War miniature by Battlefront

World at War Issue # 08
From Decision Games

Counter Issue 46
Counter Magazine

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