23 April 2012

By on 21 April 2012

The following should be hitting UK stores next week. For further information please contact your usual suppliers:

Cthulhu by Gaslight
Softcover Call of Cthulhu Supplement from Chaosium

Game Mastery Map Pack: Ship’s Cabins
Flip Mat: Urban Tavern
Roleplaying Accessory from Paizo Publishing

Pathinder #55: The Wormwood Mutiny
Pathfinder Adventure Path from Paizo Publishing

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Isles of the Shackles
Pathfinder Companion: Blood of Fiends
Pathfinder Supplement from Paizo Publishing

Pathfinder: The Midnight Mirror
Pathfinder Adventure Module from Paizo Publishing

Wayfarers Player’s Reference Book
Wayfarers Game Master’s Reference Book
Softcover Roleplaying Core Rulebook from Mongoose Publishing

Wings Of Glory Starter Set
Boardgame for 2-4 Players, ages 14+, from Ares Games

Card Game for 3-4 Players, ages 12+, from Baksha Games

Rising Dawn Battle Pack
Warhammer Invasion Expansion from Fantasy Flight Games

Puzzle Game for 1-4 Players, ages 8+, from Ravensburger

Battles of 1866: Frontier Battles
Historical Wargame for 2 Players, from Avalanche Press

Against/Odds Vol 9#3: Boudicca
Historical Wargame for 2 Players, from Clash of Arms

Dust Warfare Core Book
Miniatures Wargame Core Rulebook from Fantasy Flight

Battletech Warfare Kit
Battletech Tactical Kit
Miniatures Wargame Reference from Catalyst

CST0007 Empire Box Set
CST1038 Lynn Steiner
CST2040 Valentine
Anima Tactics Miniatures from Cipher Studios

03560 Fantasy Weapons Pack
03596 Anzen Contar, Mystic and Familiar
03600 Praying Paladin
03601 Ronnie and Reggie, Zombies (2)
03602 Stone Lurker
03603 Chthon
03604 Billy & Earnest, Zombies (2)
03605 Devil Ray
03606 Ellus Mann, Wizard
03607 Lizardman Shaman
03609 Hell Hound
03610 Achilles, Mythical Hero
Dark Heaven Miniatures from Reaper Miniatures

14605 Coloti, Bloodstone Gnome
14621 G’rond, Dwarf Assassin
14630 Dramorion, Dark Elf Sorcerer
14631 Evshyvandra Duskwidow, Dark Elf Warrior
14634 Sinisthreax, Darkreach Warlord
14635 Nanuranidd, Dark Elf Sorcerer
14636 Gologh the Vicious, Black Orc Captain
14638 Shade Beast, Darkreach Monster
14639 Shadowguard, Darkreach House Guard
14640 Black Orc Tundra Stalker
14648 Kragmarr Pummeler
New Warlord Miniature from Reaper Miniatures

50264 Keryx, Cyborg Assassin
50265 Sherm Whitlock, Cowboy
50266 Zombies: Doctor, Nurse, and Patient
50267 Deputy Wayne Tisdale
50268 Bill Foster, Lumberjack
50269 Mutant Y
50270 Alien Exotic Dancers (3)
Chronoscope Miniatures from Reaper Miniatures

59019 Prarie Ticks (2)
59020 Glom
59021 Bone Fiend
59022 Prarie Tick Queen
59023 Texas Ranger (Female)
59025 Female Huckster
Savage Worlds Miniatures from Reaper Miniatures

60103 Anti Paladin
60104 Battle Herald
60105 Kirin the Heretic
60106 Pathfinder Explorer
60107 Hellknight Signifier
60109 Styrian Kindler
Pathfinder Miniatures from Reaper Miniatures

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