23 February 2009

By on 23 February 2009

Creatures Anathema (Dark Heresy: Warhammer 40,000 Supplement; Hardcover)
Fantasy Flight Games

Mutant City Blues (Core Rulebook)
Pelgrane Press

Fealty & Freedom (Legend of the Five Rings Sourcebook)
Alderac Entertainment

Book 3: Scout (Traveller Supplement)
Mongoose Publishing

Fronela (Runequest Sourcebook)
Mongoose Publishing

Inklings of Power (Lesser Shades of Evil Supplement)
EOS Press

Pokemon Jr Adventure Game (Introductory Childrens RPG; For 1 Parent + 1-6 Players; Ages 6-8)
Wizards of the Coast

Pathfinder #18: Descent into Midnight (d20 Adventure/Supplement; 14th – 16th Level)

S1: Clash of the Kingslayers (d20 Adventure; 10th level)

The Conquered East: Dro Mandras 2 (Castles & Crusades Adventure)
Troll Lord Games

Ultimate Toolbox (Fantasy RPG Supplement)

Dungeon Crawl 59: Mists of Madness (D&D 4E GSL Adventure; 1st Level)
Goodman Games

Dungeon Crawl 60: Thrones of Punjar (D&D 4E GSL Adventure; 7th-9th Level)
Goodman Games

Electronic Atlas: Kanday (CD ROM Harn Accessory)
Atlas Harnica K4 (Harn Accessory)
Sorkin Mountians (Harn Supplement)
Field of Daisies (Harn Supplement)
Inns of Harn (Harn Supplement)
City of Aleath (Harn Supplement)
Cats (Harn Supplement)
Snakes (Harn Supplement)
Ulthriem Roliri (Harn Supplement)
by Columbia Games

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Pack: Yusei Booster (Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG Expansion)
Upper Deck

Age of Conan: The Strategy Board Game (Board Game; 2-4 Players; Ages 12+)
Fantasy Flight Games

Wind River (Board Game; 3-4 Players; Ages 12+)
Argentum Verlag

36 Cube (Puzzle; 1 Player; Ages 8+)

Army of Zero (Card Game; 2 Players; Ages 7-12)
Point Zero Games

Canal Mania 2nd Edition (Board Game; 2-5 Players; Ages 14+) *reprint*
Ragnar Brothers

Command at Sea 4th Edition (World War II Naval Wargame)
Atlantic Navies Book 1 – La Guerre Navale: The French Navy in WWII (Command at Sea Supplement)
Atlantic Navies Book 2 – Gruppe Nord: The Kriegsmarine in WWII (Command at Sea Supplement)
Atlantic Navies Book 3 – Home Fleet: British & Commonwealth Navies in WWII (Command at Sea Supplement)
by Clash of Arms

Trafalgar (Napoleonic Naval Rules)
Warhammer Historical Society

HELL08IM Immortals Starter Box *Hell Dorado*

Hordes Metamorphosis Softcover (Hordes Supplement)
Hordes Metamorphosis Hardcover (Hordes Supplement)
PIP73040 Legion of Everblight Strider Officer & Musician (2) *Hordes*
PIP74044 Skorne Void Spirit Solo *Hordes*
PIP34059 Cryx General Gerlak Slaughterborn *Warmachine*
by Privateer Press

FBX01 Firestorm (Boxed Set with Map Board) *Flames of War*
SBX09 Partizans and Polizei *Flames of War*
SU034 Mark VIII Lend Lease Valentine *Flames of War*
SU071 M4 Lend Lease Sherman *Flames of War*
TD019 5th Panzer Gaming Set *Flames of War*
by Battlefront

Strategy & Tactics 255: The First Battle of Britain (Magazine + Wargame)
Decision Games

Against the Odds Vol. 6 #4 (24): Deathride: Mars-la-Tour 1870 (Magazine + Wargame)
Clash of Arms

Knights of the Dinner Table 148 (Comic)
Kenzer& Co

Knights of the Dinner Table Bundle of Trouble 24 (Graphic Novel)
Kenzer & Co

Wargames Illustrated 257 (Historical Miniatures Magazine)

Miniature Wargames 311 (Historical Miniatures Magazine)

Paper Wars 68 (Wargames Magazine)
Paper Wars 69 (Wargames Magazine)
Paper Wars 70 (Wargames Magazine)

Games Gazette 166 (Games Fanzine)

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