24 May 2010

By on 24 May 2010

The below should be hitting UK stores this week.

Amethyst: Foundations
Hardcover D&D 4E Supplement from Goodman Games

Softcover Core Rules from Vajra Enterprises

In Dark Alleys
Softcover Core Rules from Vajra Enterprises

Hoodoo Blues
Softcover Core Rules from Vajra Enterprises

Mech Tech ‘n’ Bot: Mech Squadrons
Hardcover Traveller Supplement from Jon Brazer Enterprises

Battletech: Operation Klondike
Softcover Battletech Supplement from Catalyst

RPG = Roleplaying Girl (2009 edition)
From Black and Green Games

Golden City
Boardgame from Z-Man Games Players 3-4, Ages 10+

Boardgame from Salamander Games Players 2-4, Ages 11+

Wealth of Nations: War Clouds
Wealth of Nations Expansion from TableStar Games

Wealth of Nations: Super Industry Tiles
Wealth of Nations Expansion from TableStar Games

A King in the North Chapter Pack
A Game of Thrones LCG Expansion from Fantasy Flight Games

Munchkin Waiting for Santa
Munchkin Expansion from Steve Jackson Games

Zombie Dice Game
Dice Game from Steve Jackson Games

Tannhäuser 2nd Ed. Rulebook
From Fantasy Flight Games

MTG Deck Builders Kit
From Wizards of the Coast

World of Warcraft TCG Wrathgate Booster
From Cryptozoic

Yu Gi Oh Starter Deck – Duelist Toolbox
From Konami

Arcane Legions: Siege Engines of Rome (2 pack)
Miniature from Wells Expeditions

Freebooter’s Fate Rulebook, English Language Edition
Fantasy Miniatures Game Rules from Freebooter

Freebooter’s Fate Game Cards
Game Accessory for Freebooter’s Fate, from Freebooter

FRB-ASS005 Master Assassin
FRB-ASS007 Coscritti and Harlequin (2)
Fantasy Miniature from Freebooter

TOW060026 Cortes
Ron & Bones Miniature from Tale of War

Battle Bag – USA Colour
Dice bag from Q-Workshop

Miniature Wargames Issue #326

Flagship 130

Knights of the Dinner Table Issue #162
From Kenzer & Co

No Quarter Magazine Issue #30
From Privateer Press

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