25 January 2010

By on 25 January 2010

The below will be hitting UK stores this week. For further information please contact your usual suppliers.

RuneQuest II
Hardcover Core Rulebook from Mongoose Publishing

Doctor Who Gamemasters Screen
From Cubicle 7 Entertainment

Starblazer Adventures Campaign Setting from Cubicle 7 Entertainment

Friends or Foes
Softcover Dragon Warriors Supplement from Mongoose Publishing

Paranoia: Game Master’s Screen
From Mongoose Publishing

Necropolis 2351-55 Update
Softcover Necropolis 2350 supplement from Cubicle 7 Entertainment

Dead Reign Sourcebook Two: Dark Places
Softcover Dead Reign Supplement from Palladium

Twilight Sector
Softcover Traveller Campaign Setting Sourcebook from Terra/Sol Games

The Cursed Chateau
Fantasy Adventure for 4-8 Characters of levels 4-6 from Rogue Games

Book of Divine Magic
Pathfinder Compatible Sourcebook from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming

Imperial Gazetteer
D&D 4E Compatible Sourcebook from Open Design

Iron Gazetteer
D&D 4E Compatible Sourcebook from Open Design

Boardgame from Fantasy Flight Games, Players 2-4, Ages 12+

1853 India
Boardgame from Mayfair Games, Players 3-6, Ages 16+

The Pillars of the Earth: Builders Duel
Card Game from Mayfair Games, Players 2, Ages 10+

Duel in the Dark Tactical Cards
Duel in the Dark expansion from Pilot Games

Pocket Battles: Celts vs Romans
From Z-Man Games

Shadow Hunters Expansion
Shadow Hunters Expansion from Z-Man Games, Players 4-8, Age 10+

Crazy Kick
Card Game from DLP Games, Players 2-8, Ages 8+

Race For the Summit
Card Game from Scimitar Games, Players 2-6, Ages 8+

I Betcha…
Card Game from Scorpionmasque, Players 1-5, Ages 10+, 20-30 mins

Paris in Pears
Word Game from Bananagrams, Players 2-6, Ages 6+

Double 6 Professional Dominoes
Double 12 Professional Dominoes
Mexican Train Game in Tin
From Fundex

PIP32065 Protectorate Feora, Priestess of the Flame 2009
PIP32069 Protectorate High Reclaimer 2010
Warmachine miniature from Privateer Press

FRB-ASS006 Bella Cigna
Fantasy miniature from Freebooter

TOW060022 Jimy Jokins
Ron & Bones miniature from Tale of War

ONHE02 HB: Daimyo John Preist & Limo
ONRE02 UB: Virus Zombies Detonator
AT-43 miniatures from Rackham Entertainment

BBX16 Parachute Company
UBX07 105mm Artillery Battery
BR350 Staghound AA
Flames of War miniature from Battlefront

Dark Times Booster
Star Wars Miniatures from Wizards of the Coast

DVD from Hobocon, LLC

Kobold Quarterly Issue #12

The Ancible #2

Miniature Wargames #322

Wargames Illustrated #268

About Angus Abranson

Angus has been working in the games industry since the mid-80’s when he started working at Leisure Games (a leading hobby store in London). He was part of the team that launched Valkyrie magazine in 1994, founded Cubicle 7 Entertainment and co-founded Dragonmeet. He is currently running Chronicle City, a new games company he started in 2012.

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