27 May 2013

By on 1 June 2013

The below should be in UK stores now as they were due for release over the last week. Sorry for the delay in posting but a combination of UK Games Expo (yay!) followed by being ill (blerg) prevented me from posting this earlier.

For more information about any of the below please contact your usual suppliers:

Deadlands: Ghost Towns
Deadlands Supplement by Pinnacle

Knights of the Dinner Table 198
Roleplaying Magazine/Comic by Kenzer & Co

Forbidden Desert
Boardgame for 2-5 Players, ages 10+ by Gamewright

Rory’s Story Cubes: Max
Storytelling dice game for all ages, any number of players by The Creativity Hub

Zen Garden
Boardgame for 2-4 Players, ages 10+ by Fun Fair

Seasons: Enchanted Kingdom
Board Game Expansion by Asmodee

World Series of Yahtzee
Dice Game for 2-4 Players, ages 8+ by Hasbro

Ruckus Top Gear Card Game
Card Game for 2+ Players, ages 8+ by Hasbro

The Captain’s Command Chapter Pack
A Game of Thrones LCG Expansion Pack by Fantasy Flight Games

A Dark Time Force Pack
Star Wars LCG Expansion Pack by Fantasy Flight Games

Strategy & Tactics 281: In Country – Vietnam 1965-75
Historical Magazine Wargame by Decision Games

In Her Majesty’s Name
Wargames Rules by Osprey Publishing

The War of Horus & Set
Fantasy Wargames Rules by Osprey Publishing

Saga: Varjazi & Basileus
Saga Supplement by Gripping Beast

PIP72076 Circle Tharn Blood Pack (6) (plastic)
PIP73070 Legion Cavalry Lylyth
PIP74075 Skorne Reptile Hounds (2)
Hordes Miniatures by Privateer Press

280161-0410 The Scots Guards (ML)
280263-0411 Kirpal Sighn (Assault Pistol, Combi Rifle)
280363-0412 Domaru Takeshi “Neko” Oyama (AP CCW, EXP CCW)
280461-0413 Haqqislam Support Pack
280908-0414 Chaksa Auxiliars (4)
Infinity Miniatures

FRB-AMA012 Ozomatli
FRB-GOB021 Nartz
Freebooter’s Fate Miniature

No Quarter #48
Miniature Wargaming Magazine by Privateer Press

Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself Blitzkreig USA Scenario Pack
Marvel Heroclix Game by Wizkids

Heroclix: Iron Maiden Booster
By Wizkids

Weiss Schwarz: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Booster
CCG Boosters

House Baratheon Art Sleeves
House Greyjoy Art Sleeves
House Lannister Art Sleeves
House Stannis Baratheon Art Sleeves
House Stark Art Sleeves
House Targaryen Art Sleeves
Card Game Accessory by Fantasy Flight Games

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Angus has been working in the games industry since the mid-80’s when he started working at Leisure Games (a leading hobby store in London). He was part of the team that launched Valkyrie magazine in 1994, founded Cubicle 7 Entertainment and co-founded Dragonmeet. He is currently running Chronicle City, a new games company he started in 2012.

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