27 October 2008

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Necropolis 2350 Players Guide (Savage Worlds Setting; Hardcover)
Triple Ace Games

Ruins of Glorantha (Runequest Sourcebook)
Mongoose Publishing

Prime Directive d20 Modern RPG (Core Rulebook)
Amarillo Design Bureau

Candycreeps (Core Rulebook)
Green Fairy Games

Pathfinder 14: Children of the Void (d20 Supplement/Adventure; Levels 4-6)

LB2: Treasure of Chimera Cove (d20 Adventure; 7th Level)

Drums of War PVP Battle Deck (World of Warcraft CCG)
Drums of War Booster (World of Warcraft CCG Expansion)
Upper Deck

Arkham Asylum Booster (DC Heroclix Expansion)

Clone Wars Starter Pack (Star Wars Miniatures Game)
Clone Wars Booster (Star Wars Miniatures Game)
Wizards of the Coast

Dominion (Board Game; 2-4 Players; Ages 10+)
Rio Grande Games

Memoir ’44: Operation Overlord (Memoir ’44 Expansion)
Days of Wonder

Memoir ’44: Mediterranean Theatre (Memoir ’44 Expansion)
Days of Wonder

Confucius (Board Game; 3-5 Players; Ages 12+)
Surprised Stare

Blackhole (Word Board Game; 2-4 Players or Teams; Ages 10+)
JC Games

Reiner Knizia’s Cthulhu Rising (Board Game; 2 Players)
Twilight Creations

Bump in the Night (Board Game; 2-6 Players; Ages 12+)
Twilight Creations

Scrabble 60th Anniversary Edition (Word Game;)

High School Musical 2 DVD Game (DVD Board Game; 2-6 Players; Ages 12+)

Top Gear Board Game

Memoir ’44 Terrain Pack (Memoir ’44 Expansion) *reprint*
Memoir ’44 Eastern Front Pack (Memoir ’44 Expansion) *reprint*
Memoir ’44 Winter/Desert Board (Memoir ’44 Expansion) *reprint*
Memoir ’44 Pacific Theatre Pack (Memoir ’44 Expansion) *reprint*
Days of Wonder

Highway to the Reich (WW2 Wargame)
Decision Games

Federation Commander Squadron Box 19 (Federation Commander Miniatures)
Federation Commander Squadron Box 20 (Federation Commander Miniatures)
Federation Commander Squadron Box 21 (Federation Commander Miniatures)
Amarillo Design Bureau

PIP31054 Cygnar: Thorn Light Warjack *Warmachine*
PIP33055 Khador Beast 09 Character Heavy Warjack *Warmachine*
PIP34056 Cryx: Nightmare *Warmachine*
PIP73038 Legion of Everblight: Warmonger War Chief Solo *Hordes*
PIP74038 Skorne Cyclops Shaman Light Warbeast *Hordes*
PIP75015 Minion: Saxon Orrik Solo *Hordes*
Privateer Press

USX Cthulhu Modern Day Heroes Rules (Skirmish Rules)
RAF2041 SWAT Team Set *Cthulhu Miniatures*
RAF2042 Liberation Army Set *Cthulhu Miniatures*
RAF2043 USX Adventure Heroes Set *Cthulhu Miniatures*
RAF2830 The Pretender #2 *Cthulhu Miniatures*
RAF2831 The Pretender #3 *Cthulhu Miniatures*
RAF2832 Desire Dark Up-Gunned *Cthulhu Miniatures*
RAF2833 Briggs W/S.A.W *Cthulhu Miniatures*

280126-0157 Caledonian Volunteers x2 (Rifle, Chain Rifle) *Infinity*
280228-0154 Palbots x2 *Infinity*
280427-0155 Ghulam (Panzerfaust)
280620-0156 Assault Hungries – Pretas (Box Set) *Infinity*
Corvus Belli

BMM201 Box 1 – Swashbucklers
BMM202 Box 2 – Desperados
BMM203 Box 3 – Highwaymen
BMM204 Box 4 – Four Musketeers
BMM205 Box 5 – Cardinals Guard
BMM206 Moving Coach
BMM207 Standing Coach
BMM208 Cardinal Richelieu and Rochefort
BMM301 Box 1 – Red Indians with Muskets
BMM302 Box 2 – Red Indians with Clubs & Tomahawks
BMM303 Box 3 – Frontiersmen
BMM304 Box 4 – Civilians
BMM305 Box 5 – Braddocks Battle “The British”
BMM306 Box 6 – Braddocks Battle “The French”
BMM307 Conestoga Wagons
BMM401 Box 1 – Named Gangsters
BMM402 Box 2 – Gangsters/Thugs
BMM403 Box 3 – G-Men and City Cops
BMM404 Box 4 – Streets of Chicago
BMM512 Tombstone Civilians
BMM405 Box 1 – The Hardtfelts
BMM406 Box 2 – The McCluckys
BMM209 Robin Hood’s Merry Men
BMM210 The Sheriff of Nottingham’s Soldiers
Blue Moon

BR7001 Hobby Brush – Precise Detail
BR7002 Hobby Brush – Highlighting
BR7003 Hobby Brush – Basecoating
BR7004 Wargamer Brush – Insane Detail
BR7005 Wargamer Brush – Detail
BR7006 Wargamer Brush – Character
BR7007 Wargamer Brush – Regiment
BR7008 Wargamer Brush – Monster
BR7009 Wargamer Brush – Small Drybrush
BR7010 Wargamer Brush – Large Drybrush
BR7011 Wargamer Brush – Vehicle/Terrain
Necrotic Flesh – Colour Spray Primer
Battlefields – Basing: Razor Wire

No Quarter 21
Privateer Press

Knights of the Dinner Table 144 (Comic)
Kenzer & Co

Strategy & Tactics 253: Battle of Kursk (Wargame + Magazine)
Decision Games

Miniature Wargames 307 (Historical Miniatures Magazine)
Pireme Press

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