27 September 2010

By on 27 September 2010

The following should be hitting UK stores this week. For further information please contact your usual suppliers.

Dungeon Tiles Master Set – The Dungeon
Gaming accesory from Wizards of the Coast

Misspent Youth
Softcover core rules from Robert Bohl

Elric of Melnibone
Hardcover Runequest II setting from Mongoose Publishing

Elric of Melinbone Games Masters Screen
From Mongoose Publishing

Pretty Hate Machines
Softcover HERO System adventure from BlackWyrm Books and Games

Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade
Softcover core rules from Third Eye Games

Little Black Book 5 — Agent
Softcover Traveller sourcebook from Mongoose Publishing

Strike Force 7
Softcover Savage Worlds setting from Super Genius Games

D Infinity Volume 1: The Adventure Begins
Softcover generic RPG supplement from Skirmisher Publishing

X Treme Dungeon Mastery: Quest for the Tavern
Softcover adventure from Taylor Corporation

The Two Towers (Cd-Rom)
From Fat Dragon Games

The Wailer Below Asylum Pack
Call of Cthulhu LCG expansion from Fantasy Flight

Boardgame from Rio Grande/Ystari Players 2-6, ages 10+

Lords of Vegas
Boardgame from Mayfair Games Players 2-4, ages 12+

Let’s Kill: Crime Scene Investigation
Let’s Kill card game expansionfrom Atlas Games

Boardgame from PFG Players 3, ages 10+

Hex Hex XL
Boardgame from Smirk & Dagger Player 3-6, ages 12+

Zombie Town 3: Big Boom Theory
Boardgame expansion from Twilight Creations

WINGS OF WAR MINIATURES (from Fantasy Flight)
WW23A WW R.A.F. SE5a – Bishop
WW23B WW R.A.F. SE5a – Roderic
WW23C WW R.A.F. SE5a – Boudwin
WW23D WW Pfalz D.III – Fritz
WW23E WW Pfalz D.III – Hans
WW23F WW Pfalz D.III – Hotlzem
WW23G WW Breguet BR.14 B2 – BR 107
WW23H WW Breguet BR.14 B2 – BR 129
WW23I WW Breguet BR.14 B2 – 96th Squadron
WW23J WW Rumpler C.IV – C. 8455/16
WW23K WW Rumpler C.IV – C. 8267
WW23L WW Rumpler C.IV – C. 8012/17

World at War #14: Pearl Harbour 1941
From Decision

Marvel HeroClix: Fantastic Four 2010 Starter Game
From Wizkids

Magic the Gathering: Scars of Mirrodin Intro Pack
Magic the Gathering: Scars of Mirrodin Boosters
Magic the Gathering: Scars of Mirrodin Fat Pack
From Wizards of the Coast

Yu Gi Oh: Legendary Collection
From Konami

MGKWU24-1 Undead Zombie Regiment
MGKWU42-1 Undead Zombie Horde
Kings of War Miniatures from Mantic Games

Forest Dice (white/black, Green/Black, or grey/black)
From Q-Workshop

Fudge Dice GM’s pack
Pack of 20 Fudge dice, from Goodman Games

Miniature Wargames 330 (October 2010)

White Dwarf 370 (October 2010)

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