28 March 2011

By on 28 March 2011

The following are due for release in the Uk this week. Please contact your usual suppliers for further information:

Battletech 25th Anniversary Introductory Box Set
Introductory starter box set, published by Catalyst.

The Black Sepulchre
Adventure for Warhammer 40K RPG: Dark Heresy
Published by Fantasy Flight Games

GURPS Mass Combat
GURPS supplement.
Published by Steve Jackson Games.

The Danse Macabre
For Vampire : The Requiem RPG.
Published by White Wolf Publishing.

The Play’s The Thing
Adventure for Nobilis RPG.
Published by Pantheon Press.
Written by Jason Keeley

Board game. Players: 2-4. Ages: 8+. Duration: 60 mins
Publisher: MESA Boardgames. Designer: Gil d’Orey

Mousquetaires du Roy
Board game. Players: 1-5. Ages: 12+. Duration: 90 minutes.
Publisher: Ystari/Rio Grande/Asmodee. Designers: François Combe & Gilles Lehmann.

Initiations of the Favored Asylum Pack
A Call of Cthulhu LCG expansion.
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games.

Terror of the Tides Asylum Pack *restock*
A Call of Cthulhu LCG expansion.
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games.
RRP = £11.99, our price = £10.00

Summoner Wars: Cloaks
Summoner Wars: Jungle Elves
Expansion for Summoner Wars. Publisher: Plaid Hat Games.

Munchkin Zombies
Card game. Players: 3-6. Ages: 10+. Duration: 90 minutes.
Published and designed by Steve Jackson Games. Art by John Kovalic.

Secret of Monte Cristo
Board game. Players: 2-4. Ages: 8+. Duration: 60 minutes.
Published by Z-Man Games. Designed by Charles Chevallier & Arnaud Urbon.

Wooden Gaming Tokens – choice of colours (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black)
Gaming accessory, from Fantasy Flight Games

Tannhauser: Daedalus Map Expansion
Accessory for Tannhauser, from Fantasy Flight Games.

Tannhauser: Hoss Harbinger
Tannhauser: Asteros
Miniature for Tannhauser, from Fantasy Flight Games.

Tannhauser: Equipment Cards
Accessory for Tannhauser, from Fantasy Flight Games.

Don’t Get Mad
Players: 2-6 or teams. Ages: 12+
Publisher: Seager Games.

Card Game. Players: 2-8. Ages 6+. Duration: 5 minutes
Published by Asmodee. Designed by Denis Blanchot, Guillaume Gille-Naves & Igor Polouchine

Spielbox 2011 #1
Board games magazine.
Free with this issue: 7 Wonders expansion “8th Wonder”

Command at Sea Vol 8: American Fleets
For Command at Sea, from Clash of Arms.

Against The Odds Annual 2010: Four Roads to Moscow
Historical wargame/periodical, from Against The Odds.

GBX40 Aufklarungs Platoon
GE110 Panzer IV/70 (A)
Flames of War Miniature from Battlefront

BB119 Gun Pits – Log Emplacements
BB120 Gun Pits – Sandbags
Flames of War Terrain from Battlefront

Wargames Illustrated 282
Magazine published by Battlefront Miniatures.

PIP34078 Cryx Light Bonejack Scavenger
PIP35024 Retribution Dawnguard Destor Cavalry (5)
PIP41087 Mercenary Thamarite Ragman
PIP71056 Trollblood Madrak Ironhide Thornwood Chieftain (Alt)
PIP72054 Circle Orboros Kaya Wildborne (Alt)
PIP73055 Legion Everblight Lylyth Herald (Alt)
PIP74055 Skorne Master Tormentor Morghoul (Alt)
Warmachine Miniature from Privateer Press

280144-0282 Highlander Caterans (T2 Sniper Rifle)
280246-0283 Order Sergeants (Combi Rifle)
280348-0284 Oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune (Monofilament CCW)
280545-0285 Carlota Kowalsky & Moriarty (Combi Rifle + Light FT)
280639-0286 Kurgat Reg. of Assault Engineers (Mk12, D-Charges)
Infinity Miniature from Corvus Belli

White Dwarf 376 (April 2011)
Published by Games Workshop.

Marvel Heroclix: Giant X-Men Standard Booster
Marvel Heroclix: Giant X-Men Super Booster
From WizKids

MTG Duel Deck Knights vs. Dragons
For Magic: The Gathering CCG, from Wizards of the Coast.

YGO 2011 Duelist Pack Collection
For Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG, from Konami

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Angus has been working in the games industry since the mid-80’s when he started working at Leisure Games (a leading hobby store in London). He was part of the team that launched Valkyrie magazine in 1994, founded Cubicle 7 Entertainment and co-founded Dragonmeet. He is currently running Chronicle City, a new games company he started in 2012.

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