28 November 2011

By on 29 November 2011

The following should be hitting UK games stores this week. For further information please contact your usual suppliers:

Deathwatch: The First Founding
Deathwatch Supplement from Fantasy Flight Games.

Roleplaying Core Rulebook from Mongoose Publishing.

Traveller: Secrets of the Ancients
Traveller Adventure Campaign from Mongoose Publishing.

Horror Show
Roleplaying Core Rulebook from Bedrock Games.

Infinite Power
Roleplaying Core Rulebook from Bonsai Games.

Infinite Enemies
Infinite Heroes Supplement from Bonsai Games.

In Flames: Uplifts
In Flames Supplement from Cubicle 7 /Fire Ruby Design

Last Days of Memories and Madness
GM-less Roleplaying Game from Cubicle 7 /Steampower Publishing

Savage Worlds: War of the Dead Chapter 3
Savage Worlds Adventure Campaign from Cubicle 7/Daring Entertainment

Solomon Kane: The Path of Kane
Savage Worlds Sourcebook from Studio 2 Publishing

Witch Hunter: Aztec Empire
Witch Hunter Supplement from Paradigm Concepts

Battletech: Record Sheets 3058 Upgrade
Battletech Supplement from Catalyst

Arcanis Bestiary Volume 1
Arcanis Supplement from Paradigm Concepts

Pathfinder Compatible: Loot 4 Less – Things That Make You Go Boom
Pathfinder Item Supplement from Super Genius Games

Merrie England
Softcover Runquest Compatible Setting from Cubicle 7 /Alephtar Games

Roleplaying Core Rulebook from Firestorm Ink

Mundus Novus
Boardgame for 2-6 Players, ages 13+, from Asmodee.

Boardgame for 3-5 Players, ages 12+, from Asmodee.

Runewars: Banner of War
Runewars Expansion from Fantasy Flight.

Escape From the Aliens in Outer Space
Party Game for 2-8 Players, ages 12+, from Cranio Creations.

Escape From the Aliens in Outer Space Ltd. Edition
Party Game for 2-8 Players, ages 12+, from Cranio Creations.

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Party Game for 3-12 Players, ages 6+, from Cranio Creations.

Horse Fever
Party Game for 2-6 Players, ages 10+, from Cranio Creations.

Castle Panic: The Wizards Tower
Castle Panic Expansion from Fireside Games.

Bullfrog Goldfield
Boardgame for 2-5 Players, ages 16+, from Numbskull Games.

Munchkin Reindeer Games
Munchkin Expansion from Steve Jackson Games.

Monkey Dunk
Boardgame for 2-4 Players, ages 4+, from Hasbro.

Panzer Grenadier: Winter Soldiers
Panzer Grenadier Scenario Book from Avalanche Press.

Panzer Grenadier: Airborne
Panzer Grenadier Supplement from Avalanche Press.

Panzer Grenadier: Carpathian Brigade
Panzer Grenadier Supplement from Avalanche Press.

Axis Empires: Totaler Krieg
Wargame for 1-3 Players from Decision Games.

Axis Empires: Dai Senso
Wargame for 2-3 players from Decision Games.

Moral Conflict
Wargame for 2-6 Players from Playford Games.

Strategy & Tactics 271: 2nd Kharkov 1942
Wargaming Magazine from Decision Games.

World at War 21
Wargaming Magazine from Decision.

Force on Force: Cold War Gone Hot
Force on Force Supplement from Osprey Publishing.

Extra Impetus IV
Impetus Army Lists from Impetus.

BBX06 LRDG half patrol
BBX24 SAS Jeep troop
BR444 LRDG Ford V8 (2 x truck)
BR758 LRDG/SAS dismounted patrol
IT728 Motociclisti Platoon
GK701 Greek Etaireia Pezikoy HQ
Flames of War Miniatures from Battlefront.

BB539 Bestial Huts
BB540 Chieftans Hut
BB541 Blood Crystals
28mm Gaming Terrain from Battlefront/Gale Force 9.

CST1037 Deimon
CST3038 Type-012 Hunter
Anima Tactics Miniature from Cipher Studios.

BH80 British Hussars 1808-1815
Historical Wargaming Miniatures from Perry Miniatures.

WGZ-ZUL-01 Unmarried Zulus
WGZ-ZUL-02 Married Zulus
Historical Wargaming Miniatures from Warlord Games.

Wargames Illustrated 290 (December 2011)
Wargaming Magazine from Battlefront.

Wargames Illustrated Special: Great Wargames
Wargaming Magazine from Battlefront.

Miniature Wargames 344 (December 2011)
Wargaming Magazine from Atlantic Publishers.

Never Night Asylum Pack
Call of Cthulhu LCG Expansion Pack by Fantasy Flight Games

Return to Mirkwood Adventure Pack
Lord of the Rings LCG Expansion Pack by Fantasy Flight Games

The Iron Rock Battle Pack
Warhammer Invasion LCG Expansion Pack by Fantasy Flight Games

Yu-Gi-Oh! Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion Booster
Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG booster from Konami.

E-Z Dungeons 3 (CD-Rom)
Print and Play Terrain from Fat Dragon Games

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Angus has been working in the games industry since the mid-80’s when he started working at Leisure Games (a leading hobby store in London). He was part of the team that launched Valkyrie magazine in 1994, founded Cubicle 7 Entertainment and co-founded Dragonmeet. He is currently running Chronicle City, a new games company he started in 2012.

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