29 January 2014

By on 27 January 2014

We have a special ‘mid-week’ new releases summary for you this week as some of the New Releases were delayed due to bad weather in New York. The following items should be hitting stores over the next few days:


Suns of Fortune
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Setting by Fantasy Flight Games

Specialist Deck: Mechanic
Specialist Deck: Outlaw Tech
Specialist Deck: Slicer
Specialist Deck: Assassin
Specialist Deck: Gadgeteer
Specialist Deck: Survivalist
Specialist Deck: Force Sensitive Exile
Star Wars: Edge of Empire Accessories by Fantasy Flight Games

Secrets of Tibet
Call of Cthulhu Supplement by Chaosium

Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth
Pathfinder Adventure by Paizo

Osirion, Legacy of the Pharaohs
Pathfinder Campaign Setting by Paizo

People of the Sands
Pathfinder Player Companion by Paizo

Bestiary 3: Pawn Box
Chaos Cards 2@: Hot Pursuit
Map Pack: Dungeon Dangers
Pathfinder Accessories by Paizo


The Dagger of Trust
By Chris Willrich
Pathfinder Novel by Paizo

Happy Gaming!

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