29 March 2010

By on 30 March 2010

The below should be hitting stores this week. for more information please contact your usual suppliers.

Hero System Martial Arts
Softcover Hero System Sourcebook from Hero Games

Setting book for Hero 6th Edition from Hero Games

Frandor’s Keep
Softcover Hackmaster Basic Campaign Setting from Kenzer & Company

Shootist’s Guide
Softcover Aces & Eights supplement from Kenzer & Company & Company

Aces & Eights – Judas Crossing
Softcover Aces & Eights supplement from Kenzer & Company

Lone Wolf Multiplayer Game
Softcover Core Rulebook Softcover Core Rulebook from Mongoose Publishing

Mystery Express
Boardgame from Days of Wonder Players 3-5, Aghes 10+

A Sword in the Darkness
A Game of Thrones LCG Chapter Pack from Fantasy Flight Games

World at War Issue # 11
From Descision Games

Combat Commander: Normandy
Combat CommanderBattle Pack 3 from GMT

Washington’s War
Wargame from GMT

Serpents of the Seas
Wargame from GMT

Lock N Load: Ring of Hills
Lock ´n Load: Band of Heroes Expansion from Lock N Load

World at War Compendium
From Lock N Load

Line of Fire # 7
From Lock N Load

ASL Doomed Battalions
Scenarios for ASL from MMP

Yu Gi Oh Absolute Powerforce Special Edition
From Konami

Anima Tactics – Ligori Box Set
Anima Tactics – Iosara
Anima Tactics – Hiro
from Fantasy Flight Games

French Napoleonic Dragoons 1812-1815
From Perry Miniatures

Family Games Best 100
Green Ronin Publishing

Miniature Wargames 324
Pireme Publishing

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy 52

White Dwarf 364
From Games Workshop

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