29 November 2010

By on 29 November 2010

The following should be hitting UK stores this week…

Glorantha: The Second Age – Pavis Rises
Runequest II Campaign Adventure from Mongoose Publishing

Lone Wolf Setting Sourcebook from Mongoose Publishing

From Here to There
D&D 4E Roleplaying Supplement from Goodman Games

Advanced Adventures 16: Under Shattered Mountian
Osric Adventure from Expeditious Retreat Press

7 Wonders
Card game for 3-7 players, ages 10+, from Repos Productions

Battle Cry
Boardgame for 2 players, ages 12+, from Hasbro/Avalon Hill

Stronghold: Undead Expansion
Boardgame Expansion from Portal Publishing

Storytelling Card Game for 3-8 players, ages 8+, from Asmodee

Water Lily
Boardgame for 2-4 players, ages 7+, from Asmodee

World at War: Untold Stories
Wargame for 1-2 players from Lock ‘N’ Load

Folio Series: Marengo
Folio Series: Leipzig
Folio Series: Chickamauga
Folio Series: Frayser’s Farm
Folio Series: Shiloh
Folio Series: Cauldron
Folio Series: Kasserine
Folio Series: Saipan
Folio Series: Bastogne
Folio Series: Aachen
Folio Series: Crusader
Folio Series: Naktong Bulge
Folio Series: Golan
Folio Series: Showdown
Folio Series: DMZ
‘Folio series’ game from Decision Games

HBX02 Hungarian Artillery Group
RBX02 Romanian Army Artillery
BR024 A13 Criuser MK III
FR300 Panhard AMD-35
GE002 Panzer 1 B (x2)
GE165 Wirbelwind
GE752 Schutzen Infantry Platoon
HSO102 Hungarian Panzerfaust
HSO103 Hungarian Panzerschrek Team
RSO102 Romanian Panzerfaust
RSO103 Romanian Panzerschrek Team
Flames of War Miniatures from Battlefront

Cookie Fu: Battle Royale
Dice Game Starter Set for 2 players (expandable to 6 players), ages 10+, from Blue Kabuto

Cookie Fu: Chocolate Ox Clan Pack
Dice Game Clan Set Expansion from Blue Kabuto

Cookie Fu: Vanilla Hare Clan Pack
Dice Game Clan Set Expansion from Blue Kabuto

Cookie Fu: Coconut Monkey Clan Pack
Dice Game Clan Set Expansion from Blue Kabuto

Cookie Fu: Booster Pack
Dice Game Expansion Booster from Blue Kabuto

Yu-Gi-Oh Hidden Arsenal 3 Booster
CCG Expansion from Konami

Yith Cycle
Mythos Fiction Anthology from Chaosium

Large Sized Card Sleeves #1: 65 MM X 100 MM (Mayday)
Suitable for games such as Seven Wonders

Large Sized Card Sleeves #2: 70 MM X 110 MM (Mayday)
Suitable for games such as Lost Cities

Large Sized Card Sleeves #3: 80 MM X 120 MM (Mayday)
Suitable for games such as Dixit

World at War #15
Wargame Magazine/Game from Decision Games

Wargames Illustrated #278
Wargaming Magazine from Battlefront

White Dwarf #372
Wargaming Magazine from Games Workshop

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