29 September 2008

By on 30 September 2008

Secrets of Morocco (Call of Cthulhu)

Slipstream (Savage Worlds setting, hardcover)
Studio 2 Publishing

GURPS: Spaceships
Steve Jackson Games

GURPS: Supers
Steve Jackson Games

GURPS: Mysteries
Steve Jackson Games

Hunter: The Vigil Storytellers Screen
White Wolf Publishing

Compass of Celestial Directions 3: The East (Exalted RPG Sourcebook)
White Wolf Publishing

Exquisite Replicas (Core rulebook)
Abstract Nova

In a Wicked Age
Lumpley Games

Solar System
Arkenstone Publishing

Thou Art But A Warrior (Polaris RPG)
Tasty Bacon Games

3:16 – Carnage Amongst the Stars
Box Ninja

Cold City 1.
Contested Ground

Hot War
Contested Ground

Don’t Lose Your Mind (A ‘headtrip’ for Don’t Rest Your Head)
Evil Hat Productions

Bizenghast Adventure Game

Zombie Cinema
Arkenstone Publishing

Og Unearthed Edition *restock*
Firefly Games

The Roach Returns (Shab-al-Hiri Roach) *restock*
Bully Pulpit Games

Suitors (card game, 2-5 players, ages 13+, 15-20 mins)
Firestorm Ink

Risk Refresh (updated) (3-5 players, ages 12+)

Ingenious *restock*
Green Board Games

Warlord Double Starter Set 1: Free Kingdoms vs. Elves (Warlord CCG 4th Edition)
Warlord Double Starter Set 2: The Chosen vs. Dwarves
Warlord Double Starter Set 3: Deverenians vs. Free Kingdoms
Warlord Double Starter Set 4: Elves vs. Nothrog
Warlord Double Starter Set 5: Nothrog vs. The Chosen
Warlord Double Starter Set 6: Dwarves vs. Deverenians
Phoenix Interactive

Black Temple Raid Deck (World of Warcraft CCG)

Upper Deck

The Heaven’s Will starter (L5R CCG)
The Heaven’s Will booster (L5R CCG)

Mutant Chronicles Starter
MC Advanced Recon Warpack (Mutant Chronicles)
MC 13th Banshee Division Warpack (Mutant Chronicles)
MC Nepharite Overlords Warpack (Mutant Chronicles)
MC Gomorrian Hammer Warpack (Mutant Chronicles)
MC Warmaster’s Legion Warpack (Mutant Chronicles)
Fantasy Flight

HeroClix Playmat: Crisis (vinyl game mat)
HeroClix Playmat: Secret Invasion (vinyl game mat)
Galeforce 9

Dien Bien Phu 2nd Edition, ziplock
Critical Hit

Dien Bien Phu ATS Upgrade: French Indochina 1954
Critical Hit

Island of Death: Invasion Malta
Avalanche Press

Battle of Britain II – Wings of Victory (World War 2 PC CD-ROM)
Commander: Europe At War (World War 2 PC CD-ROM)
Legion Gold (Roman PC CD-ROM)
Matrix Games

ATK20 – Unit Box: K-Shooter (AT43)
ATK21 – Hero Box: Guru Lucius (AT43)
ATT05 – Unit Box: Baal Golgoth (AT43)
ATU21 – Hero Box: Lieutenant G Epstone (AT43)
ATX07 – AT43 Campaign: Frostbite (AT43)
COS06 – Attachment Box: Hybrids Alpha (Confrontation)
COS07 – Unit Box: Hybrids Alpha (Confrontation)
COS09 – Hero Box: Shamir (Confrontation)
Fantasy Flight

PS238 #33
Do Gooder Press

Wargames Illustrated #252

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