3 November 2008

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Book 2: High Guard (Traveller Supplement)
Mongoose Publishing

Cimmeria (Conan Sourcebook)
Mongoose Publishing

Cities of Hyboria (Conan Sourcebook)
Mongoose Publishing

Keys to the Supernal Tarot (Mage: The Awakening Chronicle; Hardcover)
White Wolf

Poor Wizard’s Grimoire (Colonial Gothic Supplement)
Rogue Games

The Survivors (Dragonlance Novel; The Anvil of Time Volume 2)
Wizards of the Coast

The Orc King (Forgotten Realms Novel; Transitions Volume 1; Trade Paperback)
Wizards of the Coast

The Sword Never Sleeps (Forgotten Realms Novel; The Knights of Myth Drannor Volume 3; Hardcover)
Wizards of the Coast

The Queen of Stone (Eberron Novel; Thorn of Breland Volume 1)
Wizards of the Coast

The Crimson Legion (Dark Sun Novel; The Prism Pentad Volume 2; Trade Paperback)
Wizards of the Coast

Mithras Court (Ravenloft Novel; The Covenant; Trade Paperback)
Wizards of the Coast

Amber& Blood (Dragonlance Novel; The Dark Disciple Volume 3)
Wizards of the Coast

The Fractured Sky (Forgotten Realms Novel; The Empyrean Odyssey Volume 2)
Wizards of the Coast

Chaotic Dawn of Perim Starter: OverWorld Deck
Chaotic Dawn of Perim Starter: UnderWorld Deck
Chaotic Dawn of Perim Booster (Chaotic CCG Expansion)
Chaotic Zenith of the Hive Booster (Chaotic CCG Expansion)
TC Digital Games

Stormfront Theme Deck (Pokemon CCG)
Stormfront Booster (Pokemon CCG)
Pokemon USA

Yu-Gi-Oh! 2008 Collectors Tin Wave 2 (Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG Expansion)
Upper Deck

Clone Wars Tactics Scavenger Pack (Star Wars PocketModel Expansion)

Jungle Speed (Activity Game; 3-8 Players; Ages 7+)
Upper Deck

The Black Goat of the Woods (Arkham Horror Expansion)
Fantasy Flight Games

BattleLore: For Troll & Country (BattleLore Expansion Set)
Fantasy Flight Games

Ticket to Ride Dice Expansion (Ticket to Ride Expansion Set; 2-5 Players; Ages 8+)
Days of Wonder

Munchkin 7: More Good Cards (Munchkin Card Game Expansion)
Steve Jackson Games

LeCardo (Word Card Game; 2-4 Players; Ages 10+)
Leo Marshall Designs

Middle Kingdom (Card Game; 2-5 Players; Ages 12+)
Z-Man Games

Duck! Duck! Go! (Tile Game; 2-6 Players; Ages 8+)
APE Games

Politics as Usual: Unusual Suspects (Politics As Usual Card Game Expansion)
One Small Step Games

Worm Up (Board Game; 3-5 Players; Ages 8+)
FRED Distribution

Trivial Pursuit: War of the Wedges DVD Game (DVD Game; 2-36 Players; Ages 12+)

Arthur Saves the Planet (Board Game; 2-5 Players; Ages 6+)
Sophisticated Games

Pythonopoly (Monty Python Themed ‘opoly; 2-7 Players; Ages 10+)
Toy Vault

Spearhead (WWII Miniature Rules) *restock*

ZIT12090 Gaming Mat, Gravel Grey (Gaming Mat; 120 x 180cm)
ZIT12091 Gaming Mat, Gravel Biege (Gaming Mat; 120 x 180cm)
ZIT12094 Grass Mat, Dark Green (Gaming Mat; 120 x 180cm)
ZIT12096 Grass Mat, Light Green (Gaming Mat; 120 x 180cm)

The Crusader 4 / 12 (Castles & Crusades Magazine)
Troll Lord Games

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy 37 (Historical Miniatures Magazine)
Revistas Profesionales

Scrye 127 (CCG Magazine)

White Dwarf 347 (Warhammer Magazine)
Games Workshop

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