4 July 2011

By on 5 July 2011

The below will be hitting UK stores this week. For further information please contact your usual suppliers:

Fortune Cards: Glory of Neverwinter Booster
Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition accessory. Publisher: Wizards of the Coast.

Spy Games
Shadowrun RPG. Publisher: Catalyst.

Testament of Longinus
For Vampire: The Requiem. Publisher: White Wolf Publishing.

Knights of the Dinner Table Issue #175
Comic. Publisher: Kenzer & Co.

Captain’s Log 43
Star Fleet Battles. Publisher: Amarillo Design Bureau.

HexPack: Cities and Roads
Battletech accessory. Publisher: Catalyst.

Starship Aldo
Prime Directive adventure. PD20M and GURPS
Publisher: Amarillo Design Bureau.

7 Wonders Leaders Expansion
Expansion for 7 Wonders.
Publisher: Asmodee. Designer: Antoine Bauza

Star Trek Expeditions
Co-operative board game. 1-4 players. Ages 14+.
Publisher: WizKids. Designer: Reiner Knizia

Called by the Conclave Chapter Pack
A Game of Thrones Living Card Game expansion.
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games.

That Which Consumes Asylum Pack
Call of Cthulhu Living Card Game expansion.
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games.

Ascension: Return of the Fallen
Expansion for Ascension: Chronicler of the Godslayer.
Publisher: Gary Games

Dust Tactics: Operation Seelowe
Dust Tactics: Light Panzer Walker
Dust Tactics: Light Assault Walker
Dust Tactics miniatures. Fantasy Flight Games.

Jungle Speed Expansion
Expansion for Jungle Speed. Publisher: Asmodee.

Hells Bridgehead 3 with 3rd Edition Map
ASL compatible. Publisher: Critical Hit.

Third Bridge 4
ASL compatible. Publisher: Critical Hit.

Cassino Officers Map Pack
BR768 Commonwealth Rifle Platoon (and Company HQ)
FR801 Goum Company HQ and Weapons Platoon
FR802 Goum Rifle Platoon
GBX43 Falshirmjager 10.5cm s leFH18 Battery
GBX44 Falshirmjager 15cm s FH18 Battery
US100 M6 37mm GMC
Flames of War Miniatures. Battlefront.

WYR1028 Guardian
WYR1029 Hunter
WYR1030 Watcher
WYR1036 Hoffman
WYR1037 Mechanical Attendant
Malifaux Miniature. Wyrd Miniatures.

PIP31087 Cygnar Long Gunner Infantry
PIP31090 Cygnar Warcaster Constance Blaize
PIP32086 Protectorate Warcaster Thyra
PIP33088 Khador Warcaster Kommander Harkevich
PIP34080 Cryx Wraith Engine Battle Engine (RESIN)
PIP34091 Cryx Bane Thralls Unit Box Set (10)
PIP34094 Cryx Warcaster Lord Exhumator Scaverous
PIP35046 Retribution Warcaster Lord Arcanist Ossyan
Warmachine Miniature. Privateer Press

FRB-IMP015 Imperial Comtessa
Freebooter’s Fate Miniature. Freebooter.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Starter Deck Dawn of the Xyz
Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG. Publisher: Konami.

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Angus has been working in the games industry since the mid-80’s when he started working at Leisure Games (a leading hobby store in London). He was part of the team that launched Valkyrie magazine in 1994, founded Cubicle 7 Entertainment and co-founded Dragonmeet. He is currently running Chronicle City, a new games company he started in 2012.

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