5 July 2010

By on 5 July 2010

The below will be hitting UK stores this week. For further information please contact your usual suppliers.

Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide
Hardcover Pathfinder GM’s Guide from Paizo Publishing

Pathfinder Adventure Path 34: Blood for Blood
Softcover Pathfinder Adventure Path from Paizo Publishing

Pathfinder Chronicles: Heart of the Jungle
Softcover Pathfinder Supplement from Paizo Publishing

Pathfinder Companion: Sargava the Lost Colony
Softcover Pathfinder Supplement from Paizo Publishing

From Shore to Sea
Softcover Pathfinder Adventure from Paizo Publishing

Map Pack: Swallowed Whole
Gaming Accessory from Paizo Publishing

BattleBox 4E: Heroic 2
Gaming Accessory from Fiery Dragon

D&D 4e DM’s Token Set
Gaming Accessory from Gale Force Nine

Empires (Runequest II)
Hardcover Runequest II Supplement from Mongoose Publishing

Mega City One Archives Volume 3: Lawbreakers
Hardcover Judge Dredd RPG Supplement from Mongoose Publishing

Little Black Book 3: Scout
Softcover Traveller RPG Supplement from Mongoose Publishing

World of Darkness: Mirrors
Hardcover World of Darkness Supplement from White Wolf Publishing

Kazei 5
Softcover Hero System Setting from BlackWyrm Books and Games

Zombies!!! 9: Ashes to Ashes
Zombies!!! Expansion Set from Twilight Creations

Boardgame for 2-4 players from Blue Panther

Card Game for 2-4 Players from Vainglorious Games

Munchkin 3: Clerical Errors (Colour)
Munchkin Card Game Expansion from Steve Jackson Games

Super Munchkin Card Game (Colour)
Card Game from Steve Jackson Games

Nothing Gained but Glory
Wargame from GMT

War is Hell: Fires of Midway
War Game from Clash of Arms

Julius Caesar
Wargame from Columbia Games

Faction Wars
Hardcover Science Fiction Rulebook from Fire and Forget Games

Forces of Warmachine: Mercenaries Hardcover
Hardcover Warmachine Supplement from Privateer Press

Forces of Warmachine: Mercenaries Softcover
Softcover Warmachine Supplement from Privateer Press

PIP34073 Cryx Satyxis Blood Hag
PIP41073 Mercenary Drake Macbain
PIP71047 Trollblood Swamp Troll
PIP71051 Trollblood Trollkin Runebearer MKII
PIP72044 Circle Orboros Warpwolf Stalker MKII
PIP72045 Circle Wold Guardian
PIP74046 Skorne Titan Sentry
Warmachine Miniature from Privateer Press

Hordes MKII Edition Faction Decks
Hordes Accessories from Privateer Press

280343-0245 Celestial Guard (Spitfire, Sniper)
280539-0246 Bran do Castro (EM CCW)
280634-0247 Gwailo (Boarding Shotgun)
280808-0248 Dasyus (Combi Rifle)
Infinity Miniature from Corvus Belli

WYR1023 Scales of Justice
WYR4024 Poltergeist
WYR5021 Steampunk Abominations 1
WYR5027 Student of Conflict
WYR5030 Steampunk Abominations 2
Malifaux Miniatures from Wyrd Miniatures

TOW060106 Card Pack 6 R&B
Ron & Bones Accessory from Tale of War

MGKWD11-1 Dwarf Ironclad Troop
MGKWD12-1 Dwarf Ironclad Command
MGKWD21-1 Dwarf Ironclad Regiment
Kings of War Miniatures from Mantic Games

SBG007 Bone Griffons Destroyer (3)
SDL008 Dragon Lords Destroyer (3)
SDW011 Iron Dwarf Destroyer (3)
SHU009 Human Imperial Destroyer (3)
SSM008 Shroud Mages Destroyer (3)
STE009 Thanrias Elf Destroyer (3)
Uncharted Seas Miniatures from Spartan Games

GE558 HG 7.5cm lelG18 gun
GE559 HG 15cm slG33 gun
GE807 HG Pioneer Platoon
UBX20 Heavy Anti Aircraft Artillery Platoon
Flames of War Miniatures from Battlefront

PLP599 A Very Private Army Riflemen
PLP600 A Very Private Army LMG Team
Thrilling Tales Miniatures from Artizan Design

SWW310 US Sniper & Spotters
SWW502 British 25pdr Field Gun & Crew
World War 2 Miniatures from Artizan Design

Cthulhu’s Dark Cults
Call of Cthulhu Fiction Anthology from Chaosium

Strategy & Tactics Issue # 263 – Wurzburg Pentomic
From Decision Games

Wargames Illustrated Issue #273
Miniature Wargaming Magazine from Battlefront

Miniature Wargames #327
Miniature Wargaming Magazine from Pireme Publishing

No Quarter #31
Miniature Wargaming Magazine from Privateer Press

White Dwarf #367
Miniature Wargaming Magazine from Games Workshop

Games Gazette 175

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