7 December 2009

By on 7 December 2009

The following should be hitting UK stores this week:

Doctor Who – Adventures in Time and Space
Core Rules boxed set from Cubicle 7

100 Sci Fi Adventure Seeds
Generic Softcover Sourcebook from Cubicle 7

Barbarians of Lemuria RPG *Legendary Edition*
Softcover Core Rulebook from Cubicle 7

Democracy Falls
Softcover Judge Dredd Scenario from Mongoose Publishing

Hardcover Paranoia Sourcebook Mongoose Publishing

Pathfinder RPG GM Screen
From Paizo

Savannah Tails
Boardgame from Fragor Games, Players 2-5 Ages 8+

Card Game from Asmodee Editions Players 2, Ages 12+

Operation Overlord Battle Map 3: Sword of Stalingrad
Memoir’44 Expansion from Days of Wonder

Chrononauts *new edition*
Card Game from Looney Labs, Players 1-6, Ages 11+

The Gore Years
Chrononauts Expansion from Looney Labs

Hammer of Thor
Heroclix Boosters from Wizkids

YGO Stardust Overdrive Special Edition
From Konami

1938: A Very British Civil War
From Solway Crafts & Miniatures

The Gathering Storm
Supplement for 1938: A Very British Civil War, From Solway Crafts & Miniatures

Fed Commander Squadron Box 25
Fed Commander Squadron Box 26
Fed Commander Border Box 9
Miniatures from Amarillo Design Bureau

PIP31065 Cygnar Lt. Caine 2009
PIP35010 Retribution Househuard Halberdiers
PIP41080 Mercenaries Dannon Blythe & Bull
PIP41082 Mercenaries Ghordson Basher
Warmachine miniature from Privateer Press

BBX15 3.7cm Heavy AA Gun x2
Flames of War miniatures from Battlefront

TD025 British Generic Gaming Set – For King & Country
Flames of War accessory from Battlefront

BB501 Rocky Hill – Small
BB502 Rocky Hill – Large
BB503 Rocky Hill – Two Part
Flames of War Scenery from Battlefront

CHX26239 Black-Green with gold d10 SET
CHX26240 Black-Purple with gold d10 SET
CHX26241 Green-Steel with white d10 SET
CHX26242 Orange-Yellowwith black d10 SET
CHX26243 Red-White with gold d10 SET
CHX26244 White-Teal with black d10 SET
CHX26439 Black-Green with gold Polyhedral 7-Die Set
CHX26440 Black-Purple with gold Polyhedral 7-Die Set
CHX26441 Green-Steel with white Polyhedral 7-Die Set
CHX26442 Orange-Yellowwith black Polyhedral 7-Die Set
CHX26443 Red-White with gold Polyhedral 7-Die Set
CHX26444 White-Teal with black Polyhedral 7-Die Set
CHX26639 Black-Green with gold 16mm d6 Dice Block™(12 d6)
CHX26640 Black-Purple with gold 16mm d6 Dice Block™(12 d6)
CHX26641 Green-Steel with white 16mm d6 Dice Block™(12 d6)
CHX26642 Orange-Yellowwith black 16mm d6 Dice Block™(12 d6)
CHX26643 Red-White with gold 16mm d6 Dice Block™(12 d6)
CHX26644 White-Teal with black 16mm d6 Dice Block™(12 d6)
CHX26839 Black-Green with gold 12mm d6 Dice Block™(36 d6)
CHX26840 Black-Purple with gold 12mm d6 Dice Block™(36 d6)
CHX26841 Green-Steel with white 12mm d6 Dice Block™(36 d6)
CHX26842 Orange-Yellowwith black 12mm d6 Dice Block™(36 d6)
CHX26843 Red-White with gold 12mm d6 Dice Block™(36 d6)
CHX26844 White-Teal with black 12mm d6 Dice Block™(36 d6)
by Chessex

Knights of the Dinner Table 156
Kenzer & Co

Counter 47
Counter Magazine

White Dwarf 360
Games Workshop

Wargames Illustrated 266
Battlefront Miniatures

Battlegames Issue #20

SFB: Captains Log 40
From Amarillo Design Bureau

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Angus has been working in the games industry since the mid-80’s when he started working at Leisure Games (a leading hobby store in London). He was part of the team that launched Valkyrie magazine in 1994, founded Cubicle 7 Entertainment and co-founded Dragonmeet. He is currently running Chronicle City, a new games company he started in 2012.

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