7 September 2009

By on 7 September 2009

The following will be hitting UK shelves this week…

HeroQuest RPG Revised Edition
Core rulebook, by Moon Design

CthulhuTech: Damnation View
CthulhuTech Supplement from Catalyst

Strategic Operations
Hardcover core rulebook for Classic BattleTech, from Catalyst

Jihad Hot Spots: 3076
Softcover Classic Battletech supplement from Catalyst

In Search of The Troll Slayer
A Heroic-Level Fantasy Adventure for Basic Roleplaying from Chaosium

Mysteries of the Worm
Cthulhu Mythos Anthology from Chaosium

Dawn of Legends
Softcover Savage Worlds Superhero setting from Daring Entertainment

Supplement for Desolation RPG, from Greymalkin Designs

Mecha & Manga
Mutants & Masterminds supplement from Green Ronin Publishing

Pocket Ultimate Power
Softcover Mutants & Masterminds supplement from Green Ronin Publishing

Judge Dredd RPG
Hardcover Core Rulebook from Mongoose Publishing

Fantasy Craft
Hardcover D20 rulebook from Mongoose Publishing

Earthdawn Player’s Companion
Hardcover Supplement from Mongoose Publishing

Earthdawn Gamemaster’s Companion
Hardcover Supplement from Mongoose Publishing

Paranoia: Troubleshooters
Hardcover Supplement from Mongoose Publishing

Mist Robed Gate
Core rulebook by Two Scooters Press

Adventures into Darkness (M&M Edition)
Atomic Overmind Press

Zobeck Gazeteer
From Open Design LLC

The Encountered Volume 1
For Alpha Omega RPG, from Mindstorm Labs

Map Pack: Town
RPG accessory from Paizo

Pathfinder Adventure Path 24 – The Final Wish
Final part of the Legacy of Fire path, 14th-15th level, from Paizo

Pathfinder Adventure Path 25 – The *******s of Erebus
For 1st level characters, from Paizo

Pathfinder Companion: Cheliax,
From Paizo

Module B1: Crypt of the Everflame
Pathfinder adventure for 1st-level characters Paizo

Gurps Ultra Tech (Softcover)
Gurps supplement from Steve Jackson Games

Gurps Psionic Powers
Gurps supplement from Steve Jackson Games, softcover.

AD ASTRA (3-5 players ages 10+)
From Fantasy Flight Games

Descent Quest Compendium
Hardcover book of scenarios from Fantasy Flight Games

Descent Mini: Lady Eliza Farrow
Descent Mini: Krieg the Relentless
Descent Mini: Kratz the Plague
Descent Mini: Kar-Amag-Atoth
Descent Mini: Slaggorath
Descent Mini: Dar Hilzernod
Miniature from Fantasy Flight Games

Endeavor (3-5 players, ages 12+)
Boardgame from Z-Man Games

Order Up (2-4 players, ages 6+)
From Z-Man Games

Panzer Grenadier: France 1940
War Game from Avalanche Press

Tales from the Red Keep LCG Chapter Pack
Game of Thrones LCG expansion, from Fantasy Flight Games

Tekken Booster (Ultimate Fighting System)
From Fantasy Flight Games

Retribution of Scyrah Hardcover
Retribution of Scyrah Softcover
Forces of Warmachine from Privateer Press

PIP35001 Retribution Warcaster Dawnlord Vyros (Warmachine)
PIP35006 Retribution Chimera (Warmachine)
PIP35007 Retribution Heavy Myrmidon (Plastic Kit) (Warmachine)
PIP35008 Retribution Dawnguard Invictor Unit (Warmachine)
PIP35023 Retribution Narn, Mage Hunter of Ios (Warmachine)
PIP74039 Skorne Tyrant Rhadeim Character Dragoon (Hordes)
Miniature by Privateer Press

280132-0200 Caledonian Volunteers (Rifle, Light GL)(Infinity)
280336-0199 Daofei (Multi Rifle)(Infinity)
280435-0201 Bashi Bazouks (Combi Rifle, E/Mauler)(Infinity)
0280533-0202 Zondbots (Infinity)
Miniatures by Corvus Belli

FRB-ASS003 Assasin #3
FRB-COL001 Voodoo Witch 40mm
Miniature by Freebooter

SGC001 Game Cards – Orc Raiders (Uncharted Seas)
SGC002 Game Cards – Imperial Human (Uncharted Seas)
SGC003 Game Cards – Iron Dawrves (Uncharted Seas)
SGC004 Game Cards – Dragon Lords (Uncharted Seas)
SGC005 Game Cards – Thaniras Elves (Uncharted Seas)
SGC006 Game Cards – Bone Griffons (Uncharted Seas)
SGC007 Game Cards – Shroud Mages (Uncharted Seas)
Game Accessory by Spartan Games

Dice Tower Stone Finish
Blue Panther Games

Flagship Issue 128

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