9 February 2009

By on 11 February 2009

Mouse Guard RPG (Core Rulebook; Hardcover)
Archaia Studios Press

Career Compendium (Warhammer Fantasy RPG Supplement)
Fantasy Flight Games

Castellan’s Guide to Arms & Armour (Castles & Crusades Sourcebook)
Troll Lord Games

Lands of Darkness 4: Swamp of Timbermoor (D&D 4E GSL Adventure; Levels 9-11)
Expeditious Retreat Press

Dungeon Crawl 58: Forgotten Portal (D&D 4E GSL Adventure; 4th Level)
Goodman Games

D&D 4th Edition Character Record Folio (D&D 4E GSL Accessory)
Green Ronin

Reign RPG – Solis Cover (Core Rulebook; Hardcover) *restock*
Schroedinger’s Cat Press

Refugee’s of War Chapter Pack (A Game of Thrones LCG Expansion)
Fantasy Flight Games

Pokemon Platinum Theme Deck
Pokemon Platinum Booster
Pokemon USA

War For Edadh: The Beginning (Card Game; 2 Players)

Bananagrams (Word Game; 2-8 Players; Ages 7+)

Battlelore (Board Game; 2 Players) *New Publisher*
Fantasy Flight Games

Counter Strike: Solar Marine (Wargame)
Fiery Dragon Productions

Open Fire! Flames of War Starter Set
Hammer & Sickle (Flames of War Supplement)
GBX28 Sperrverband Company *Flames of War*
SU204 Roto Razvedki Universal Carrier *Flames of War*
SU7348 Mounted Razvedki Crew *Flames of War*

Hour of Glory (Boxed WW2 Miniatures Game)
Hour of Glory Mini Set 1: German Stronghold (Hour of Glory Expansion Set)
Hour of Glory Mini Set 2: British Bunker (Hour of Glory Expansion Set)
Warm Acre

VX-001 Waterloo British Centre Co (52) (28mm Napoleonic Box Set)
VX-002 Penisular British Centre Co (52) (28mm Napoleonic Box Set)
VX-003 Waterloo British Flank Co (52) (28mm Napoleonic Box Set)
VX-004 Penisular British Flank Co (52) (28mm Napoleonic Box Set)

CST3015 Anima Tactics: Li Long *Anima Tactics*
Cipher Studios

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