9 November 2009

By on 9 November 2009

The below should be hitting UK stores this week…

Softcover stand alone RPG & Setting for Wild Talents from Schroedinger’s Cat Press

Beat to Quarters
Softcover Duty& Honour compatible RPG from Omnihedron Games

Klingons D20 Modern
Softcover Supplement from Amarillo Design Bureau

Traveller Character Record Pack
From Mongoose Publishing

Dragon Warriors Prince of Darkness
Softcover Adventure from Mongoose Publishing

Ardanyan’s Revenge
Softcover Earthdawn Supplement from Mongoose Publishing

The Rifter Volume # 48
From Palladium

StarSeige: Another Fine Mess
Softcover Adventure from Troll Lord Games

Castle & Crusades PHB (4th Printing)
Hardcover Core Rulebook Troll Lord Games

Of Gods and Monsters
Softcover Castle & Crusades Supplement from Troll Lord Games

Outdoor Mapping Sheets
RPG/Castle & CrusadesAccessory from Troll Lord Games

Crystaline Counters Mixed
RPG Accessory

Ambush Points Tile Set – Ruins
RPG Accessory

Perils of Ophelia
Softcover D&D 4E Adventure from Three Sages Games

At the Gates of Loyang
Boardgame from Hall Games, players 1-4

Boardgame from Twisted Winds, 2-6 players ages 8+, duration 1-2 hours

Mr Jack in New York
Boardgame from Asmodee Editions, players 2 ages 14+

From Blue Panther, players 3-5 ages 10+

Ticket to Ride Europe 1912 Exp.
Boardgame Expansion from Days of Wonder

Grand Dames of Small World
Boardgame Expansion from Days of Wonder

Small World Cursed
Boardgame Expansion from Days of Wonder

LOGO Boardgame
Boardgame from Drummond Park, players 2-6 ages 12+

Bang! Card Game Deluxe Edition “The Bullet”
Da Vinci

Talisman: Frostmarch Expansion
Boardgame Expansion from Fantasy Flight Games

Imperial 2030
Boardgame from Rio Grande Games, Players 2-6 ages12+

Factory Manager
Boardgame from Rio Grande Games, Players 2-5 Ages 12+

Powergrid Expansion: Brazil / Iberia
Boardgame Expansion from Rio Grande Games

Agricola Expansion Farmers of the Moor
Boardgame Expansion from Z-Man Games

Cluedo Junior Carnival
Boargame from Parker, players 2-5 ages 5+

Dragon Dice: Eladarim Dragonslayer/Hunter Kicker
Dragon Dice: Eladarim Dragonlord/Masters Kicker
Dragon Dice: Eladarim DragonKin Kicker
From SFR Inc.

Pointe du Hoc
Scenario pack for the Advanced Tobruk System rom Critical Hit

Battle Pack Bravo
Scenario pack for Band of Heroes from Lock ‘n’ Load

Baltic Gap
Wargame from MMP

Warlord CCG Learn-to-Play Set
Warlord CCG Treasure Chest
Warlord CCG: 2 Player Starter, Adventure Path set 10
Warlord CCG: 2 Player Starter, Adventure Path set 11
Warlord CCG: 2 Player Starter, Adventure Path set 12
From Phoenix Interactive GmbH

YGO Stardust Overdrive Boosters
From Konami

Black Powder
From Warlord Games

Fed Commander Hydran Attack
Fed Commander Booster 25
Fed Commander Booster 26
Fed Commander Booster 27
From Amarillo Design Bureau

PIP35002 Retribution Warcaster Adeptis Rahn
PIP35004 Retribution Warcaster Ravyn, Eternal Light
PIP35012 Retribution House Shyeel Battle Mages Unit (6)
PIP35016 Retribution Mage Hunter Assassin
PIP35020 Retribution Dawnguard Scyir
Warmachine Miniatures from Privateer Press

PIP71044 Trollblood Runeshapers (3)
Hordes Miniatures from Privateer Press

280236-0206 Aquila Guard (Multi Rifle, Shock CCW)
280338-0208 Celestial Guard x2 (Combi Rifle, Kuang Shi)
280534-0201 Lunkhod Sputniks x3 (CrazyKoalas)
280706-0209 Valerya Gromoz (Hacker)
Infinity Miniatures from Corvus Belli

STE009 Doc Taranto
UNT002 Monsieur Mort
by Freebooter Miniatures

060018 Hueson Smith
060019 Gangan
060020 Pumboo
Ron & Bones miniature from Tale of War

010008 Hansel & Gretel
010009 Hook, the Captain
‘Fairy Tale Revisions’ miniature from Tale of War

GBX34 Fallschirmjagerkompanie
UBX16 Airborne Anti-Tank Platoon
GE764 Fallschirmjagerkopanie MG’s
Flames of War miniatures from Battlefront Miniatures

TD026 Fallschirmjager Gaming Set
Flames of War accessory from Battlefront Miniatures

Dragonmeet Tickets (prices in brackets are what you would pay on the door)

Adult £8.00 (£10.00)
Concessions £6.00 (£8.00)
Child under 14 £4.00 (£5.00) (free when accompanied by a paying adult)
Group of 5 adults £30.00 (£40.00)

Chibithulhu Mini-Plush Toy (Green)
From Steve Jackson Games

White Dwarf 359
From Games Workshop

Games Gazette 171

PS238 Issue #41

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